Humor - pictures with funny sayings

A wise quote from Joachim Ringelnatz is: "Humor is the button that prevents one's collar from bursting." With a modicum of humor, you can always make a positive difference in your life and some difficult situations with a smile, or more often with a hearty laugh, to master.

Humor - pictures with funny sayings

As a rule, our little ones laugh much more often and more than the adults from infancy. With everyday problems, the smile can freeze. It has been proven that laughter is healthy and promotes positive thinking. Even if it doesn't seem like a reason to laugh at all, it's worth trying.

Humor and laughter - funny pictures and more
Humor and laughter - funny pictures and more - picture by engin_akurt from pixabay

Pulling the corners of your mouth wide and up and smiling or even opening your mouth and making chuckling noises is extremely good for the soul. Who has not already experienced that he stands in front of his own reflection and looks grimly towards one another. As soon as the laughing muscles are tense, the face brightens and looks much friendlier.

A happy person automatically looks more beautiful and personable to others. It has also been proven that even an artificially created smile leads to a better mood. It is therefore important to never lose your sense of humor and to get used to positive thinking and extensive laughter for a better quality of life.

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