Does bad light break your eyes? children question

That unfavorable Light conditions destroy the eyes, is a sentence that I heard as a child myself from my parents.

Mom, bad reading makes your eyes broken?

But now I know that's not the case. Bad light does not break your eyes, definitely.

Coloring page read aloud for coloringThis saying belongs in the realm of the myths, there he has the best company besides the widespread assumption that the eyes could stop when squinting. That's not true either.

I can see my daughter - she usually lies with the mini flashlight under the covers and reads secretly - so calm down. "The bad light does not break your eyesbut it's hard on your eyes. It tires you faster. "That's a fact!

Bad light does not break your eyes, But what about the reading distance, which is significantly reduced by the bad light? Is that harmful? I ask myself that question, not my daughter.

I ask my ophthalmologist, who calms me down. Even the short reading distance does not hurt, as well as bad light destroys the eyes. But he adds one thing: If there is already a vision defect or appears soon, it is rather noticeable and recognized. But since the weakness is innate, it would definitely occur at some point.

So I keep my child "secretly" reading under the blanket. Because reading forms!

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