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The stories from the fairy tale world inspire children as well as their parents, because in these stories mostly the good prevails, which unfortunately is not always the case in real life. In fairy tales, the viewer can see so much valor, friendship, morality, suspense and love that it can take his breath away. Test your knowledge with our fairytale quiz!

Fairytale quiz for children's birthday or kindergarten

The themes in fairy tales go beyond the bounds of the imagination and are occasionally present in our daily lives, which is why the success story of fairy tales continues to this day and inspires people who like to immerse themselves in the fairytale world.

Fairytale quiz for children's birthday, kindergarten and elementary school
Fairytale quiz for children - children's birthday party & kindergarten

Fairy tales are still used as a template for movies, series or books, where they are usually narrated in a completely new way, but the original versions of fairy tales have become classics in our history and offer the opportunity to ask many questions put.

For this reason, here is a fairytale quiz with 25 questions to find around the fairy tale world, in which it is possible to put his fairy tale knowledge to the acid test. What happens to Pinocchio's nose when he lies? With whom does Snow White fall after her escape?

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These and more questions about well-known stories from the fairytale world provide the material for this varied quiz, which can be used to put your own fairy tale knowledge to the test. This fairytale quiz, for example, can be an amusing pastime for a children's birthday party, during which the guests can guess and talk about the fairy tales.

Fairytale quiz for children - 25 questions

Free fairytale quiz as a pdf document for printing

1) How is Snow White brought back to life by her prince?

A) With a kiss
B) With a magic flute
C) With a poem
D) With an alarm clock

Answer: The prince awakens Snow White with a kiss.

Fairytale quiz for children's birthday and kindergarten
Fairytale quiz for children's birthday and kindergarten

2) Which fairytale character would like to visit a ball?

A) Little Red Riding Hood
B) Cinderella
C) Snow White
D) Rapunzel

Answer: Cinderella wants to go to a ball, which you can do with the help of a good fairy.

3) Who wants to visit Little Red Riding Hood in the forest?

A) The neighbors
B) Your grandmother
C) your son
D) The bad wolf

Answer: Little Red Riding Hood goes to the woods to visit her grandmother.

4) What do most dwarfs do in fairy tales?

A) As a farmer
B) As a baker
C) As a blacksmith
D) As a miner

Answer: In fairy tales most dwarves work in a mountain mine.

5) What happens to Pinocchio's nose when he lies?

A) She is getting smaller
B) It gets bigger
C) It gets narrower
D) It will be round

Answer: When Pinocchio lies, his nose gets bigger.

6) When does Snow White get lost after her escape?

A) With the three little pigs
B) With the seven dwarfs
C) With an old witch
D) With a good fairy

Answer: In the forest, Snow White finds refuge with the seven dwarfs.

Fairytale quiz for children's birthday and kindergarten
Fairytale quiz for children's birthday and kindergarten

7) Which animal does Little Red Riding Hood encounter?
A) A lion
B) A wolf
C) A polar bear
D) A tiger

Answer: Little Red Riding Hood meets a bad wolf who wants to eat her.

8) In what kind of house does the witch live in the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel?
A) In an underwater house
B) In a gingerbread house
C) In a glasshouse
D) In ​​a wooden house

Answer: The witch in Hansel and Gretel lives in a gingerbread house.

9) In a fairytale, a wolf destroys two houses. Which animals live in these houses?
A) sheep
B) pigs
C) Squirrel
D) Badgers

Answer: The wolf destroys the houses of two pigs by blowing the houses away. The house of the third pig, the wolf can not destroy, because it is built of stones.

10) What do you call the characters fighting for the good in a fairytale?
A) hero / heroine
B) man / woman
C) Giant / Witch
D) Dwarf / Wolf

Answer: The hero or the heroine embody the good in most fairy tales.

11) Which fairytale character is not a woman?
A) Rapunzel
B) Snow White
C) Rumpelstiltskin
D) Little Red Riding Hood

Answer: The fairy-tale character Rumpelstiltskin is not a woman but a man.

Fairytale quiz for children's birthday and kindergarten
Fairytale quiz for children's birthday and kindergarten

12) What hair color does Rapunzel have?
A) red
B) black
C) blond / gold
D) brown

Answer: Rapunzels hair color is blond / gold.

13) Which fairy tale character changes from a wooden doll to a human?
A) The evil queen
B) Rumpelstiltskin
C) Pinocchio
D) Gretel

Answer: Pinocchio is initially a wooden doll and then becomes a human.

14) Which creature has killed so many valiant knights in fairy tales?
A) Dragon
B) The moon
C) Mermaid
D) A tree

Answer: In fairy tales, knights often fight against a big dragon and many knights are defeated in these battles.

15) What is Rapunzel known for?
A) For her long sentences
B) For her long fingernails
C) For her long eyelashes
D) For her long hair

Answer: Rapunzel is known for her long hair.

16) Where do many fairy tales play?
A) In a kingdom
B) In a cellar
C) In a dungeon
D) In ​​the clouds

Answer: Many fairytales take place in a kingdom.

17) Who should kill Snow White in the forest?
A) A knight
B) A hunter
C) A traitor
D) A dwarf

Answer: A hunter gets the order from the evil queen to kill Snow White in the forest.

18) Which fairytale character often fulfills wishes?
A) The fairy godmother
B) The wolf
C) The magic mirror
D) The sheep

Answer: A good fairy is responsible for fulfilling wishes.
Fairytale quiz for children's birthday and kindergarten

19) Which fruit is Snow White poisoned with?
A) With a pear
B) With a cherry
C) With an orange

D) With an apple

Answer: Snow White is poisoned by the evil queen with an apple.

20) What are Hansel and Gretel?
A) Best friends
B) brother and sister
C) Two fairies
D) Two kingdoms

Answer: Hansel and Gretel are siblings.

21) Which fairytale character is known for her red hooded coat?
A) The evil queen
B) Snow White
C) Little Red Riding Hood
D) Rumpelstiltskin

Answer: Little Red Riding Hood wears a red hooded coat.

22) The hero or the heroine ride in many fairy tales on an animal. Which animal is often used as a mount in fairy tales?
A) The pig
B) The wolf
C) The horse
D) The cow

Answer: The horse often serves heroes and heroines in fairy tales as a mount.

23) Which female fairytale characters are mostly evil?
A) princesses
B) Bauer's daughters
C) Witches
D) Fairies

Answer: Witches are evil in fairy tales in most cases.

24) What do you call the fairy-tale character whose body is half fish and half human?
A) Rumpelstiltskin
B) Magic Mirror
C) Mermaid
D) Dragon

Answer: The body of the mermaid is divided into two, because the lower half of the body is fish-like, while the upper half of the body of the mermaid is human.

25) What is the end of most fairy tales?
A) A question mark
B) The happy ending
C) A sign
D) A fence

Answer: Most stories in the fairytale world end with a happy ending.

We are happy to add further questions to our fairy tale quiz for children. You're welcome contact us! You us.

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