Painting for adults - why painting is not only good for children

Drawing and painting is not only important for small children, but also for adults. As an adult, there are many more rules to follow. Over time, children are taught how to deal with other people.

Painting for adults

All of this process goes all the way to finding a job to ultimately lead a carefree life. However, it is said again and again that in case of breach serious consequences in the job and in the partnership threaten.

Painting is not only good for children
Painting means relaxation and distraction and is also good for adults

Over time, we lose contact with ourselves. This is where adult painting is used. Why it is so important in adult age, is explained in the following article.

Why do adults paint?

Painting is a way of relaxing. If you pick up the pen and just start drawing on it, you live free from all worries and can only concentrate on the drawing. It is a great way to escape the stress of everyday life. It is not for nothing that it is called “creative relaxation”.

More than 32 percent of Germans feel stressed by their everyday life or their situation. We prefer to spend time in the fresh air or just with painting. Painting in a coloring book brings back memories from bygone days, when there were no worries.

For a few minutes you can escape the stress and only devote yourself to painting. It not only relaxes the body, but also triggers earlier feelings. Every adult human remains a child in the deepest interior. Even an adult can not change that.

When painting or drawing, our body releases happiness hormones that affect us positively. It ensures satisfaction and pride. Basically the perfect remedy for body and soul.

However, drawing and painting can also frustrate if it does not succeed. But then there is also the right one for you (paid advertising)  Coloring book for adults.

In addition, painting can have a positive impact on everyday life. The way of thinking can give rise to new ideas that one would not have recognized without painting. It is easier to imagine spiritual motives. In addition, it can be a good way to say goodbye to old worries and problems.

One paints the problems out of life, so to speak.

By and large, painting is an ability to deal with a particular topic.

What is needed for painting?

Basically, there are different ways to put your creativity on paper. Altogether there are three different possibilities. Either you paint with a fineliner, a fiber painter or a classic colored pencil.


Fineliner are suitable for people who want to bring their creativity particularly rich in contrast and shine to advantage. They are available in many different colors. This allows people with fine color gradations to work and let their creativity run wild. The offer is relatively large, so the purchase decision should not be difficult.


An alternative to the Fineliner is the fiber painter. They are mainly suitable for coloring wide areas. Small and filigree areas can be marked with a fineliner. The coarse and larger spots should take over the fiber painter.

colored pencils

Everyone used colored pencils in their childhood. There painting and making the most fun. Depending on the pressure and intensity of the pen, shades and color shades can be designed individually. An absolute must to switch off properly.

Painting is like medicine for body and soul

It distracts from the stressful everyday life and leaves a child again. Different pens can be used for painting. Classic examples are fineliner, fiber painters and crayons. Through them creativity can be given free rein.

As you paint, happiness hormones are released, ensuring happiness and contentment. In addition, there are not only books for children to paint, but also for adults. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional. Even adults can forget their worries with a coloring book. Anyone who needs a break should try to reach for the coloring book.

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