Coloring page do not climb on furniture Prevention

There are many potential dangers lurking in a household and even an adult can suffer various injuries. But the danger is particularly great for small children who are not aware that the danger is pervasive in their home. But how and when can you even discuss this topic with children? Do the children listen to the parents?

Coloring page do not climb on furniture

Our coloring pages on danger situations should help parents to sensitize children to the many dangers without frightening them and to playfully treat the painted topic with the children. Click on the picture to open the Coloring page in pdf format. And below the picture you will find a possible accompanying text for a conversation.


Coloring picture Do not climb on furniture
Coloring picture Do not climb on furniture

Never climb on furniture

What should you do if you see something on the top of the shelf that you would like to have? It looks so easy and maybe you can climb really well.

But it is very dangerous to climb onto furniture, because the shelf can suddenly fall over due to your weight and fall on you. And what's on the top of the shelf falls on your head and hurts you a lot.

Furniture is not meant to be climbed around. If you need anything from the shelf, ask your parents who will be happy to help you!


Please contact us if you are looking for a very special coloring picture with a very special motif. We are happy to add other motifs to our collection of coloring pages.

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