Coloring page school

Your son or daughter is in preschool and you want to playfully prepare them for school? Are you a supervisor in the kindergarten and would like to prepare the children for the step into the school?

Coloring page school

Our "School" coloring pages cover various aspects that are typically part of the school: the homeschooler, the blackboard, the students or the school bus, and the classic school bag / candy bag.

Use the effect of the coloring pages to discuss all questions related to school with your child. When coloring in, your child has all the time in the world to ask you questions and address important issues that are burning on the soul. Or you can just chat a little from your own school days and make it easier for your child to get started. This arouses curiosity and makes you want to start school.

Templates for school lessons: Learn the timeRoad SignsWater cyclesolar eclipseLunar eclipseTimetableschildren's songsMapsGermany 16 statesStates USAphotosynthesisenvironment protection

Browse our collection of free coloring pages about school. By clicking on the link the page with the respective coloring page school opens.

Page coloring page school. Educational picture school

Teacher at the blackboard

Coloring page school teacher


Schoolgirl coloring page

Schoolgirl drawing

Coloring page schoolSchoolColoring page school school bus

School with school bus


Coloring page school

School icons


Schultüte / Zuckertüte

No fancy school

First day of school boy

First day of school girl

To school by bus

Coloring page student pilotSchülerlotse

Coloring page Homeworks make for coloring


Coloring page chair circle

Chair circle

Coloring page Holidays at last for coloring

Finally vacation

Coloring page How were the holidays

How were the holidays?


Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a very special coloring picture with a very special motif. We are also happy to create your own personal coloring page based on your specifications from a photo.

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