Promote children's creativity

Parents always want the best for their child. Since recent additions desirable attributes such as independence, diligence, concentration and intelligence also rank among the desire to promote the creativity of their own offspring. But where does this change of heart come from?

What is Creativity and how do you promote it in children?

In the past, artists were exclusive and undisputed, but their lifestyle was not worth striving for, as it often led them to their own ruin or, even worse, to the swamp of hallucinogenic drugs. Fortunately, the perspective has shifted in favor of creativity today, yes it seems almost a fad to give the child as much freedom as possible for creative processes.

Promote children's creativity
Promote children's creativity

Creativity makes you happy, it hails on all parents - but it is true. There is hardly anything that makes a person happier, because you experience yourself in the creative process again and again. And that's what strengthens children's self-awareness!

Schöpfen is something out of nothing

Being creative is a creative process, the word comes from, among other things, the Latin creare, which means inventing, recreating, creating something. In this sense, creativity is always productive. If one includes the Latin crescere, which means "to grow and to let happen", then a certain passivity is added.

In plain language this means that for the process of creativity only one action starts, then you look at what develops out of it and at best steers it into a manageable framework. For parents, this means that they should let their children do many things themselves. This is the best way to promote creativity.

Creativity is required today in professional life, and not just in fashion and show business, but also in business. Lateral thinkers are often pioneers for innovations!

How do I specifically promote the creativity of my child?

First the good news. Man is inherently a creative being. To a certain extent, creativity is innate. Even small children are very creative when it comes to building sand castles or the latest trend in outfit composition. A Thomas Rath would be proud of the combination of striped socks with a striped skirt and polka dot blouse.

It is important that you do not measure your child in his experience. If he likes the combination, why not? Creativity is always a crossing of boundaries, doing something different than others. Otherwise, there are countless ways to let the child be creative: from tablecloths with napkins and candles of your choice, to picking and creating a bouquet of flowers, to your own stories. Praise your child for creative ideas, of course within a reasonable framework!

Recognize talents!

Children show a certain talent for a certain talent very early on. One child can paint well, the other can play the piano, yet another has already designed haute couture at the age of six. Support talents when you recognize them with courses or lessons, if that is also the child's wish. Do not force anything, because creativity is always spontaneous. This is one of their basic principles, so to speak.

Creativity is trainable like a muscle!

Creativity can also be trained. It's easy to understand. Imagine you wanted to design a wedding dress, but you have never seen one. Now look at over 50 different models. By now you have some idea how a wedding dress is made to be different from other dresses.

Now let these impressions take effect. Maybe three days. You no longer think about the dress, but your subconscious is already working. After three days, sit down in front of a blank sheet of paper and start. Of course, you'll use attributes of the dresses under consideration. What you liked. But sometimes you come up with new ideas. They mix things up, some of them may be completely new. Then that's creativity. So does your child. Often it also has to collect a lot of impressions in order to be really creative from the gut!

Therefore, create an environment with many sensory stimuli. Odors, colors, shapes, games, nature, animals - but also ensure rest periods in which these impressions can be processed!

At the present time, children are subject to many temptations. Even small children, who can not even walk, are only too happy to pick up cell phones and tablets.

Creativity through coloring pages

Due to the ever-increasing digitization, occupations that children pursued even before 20 or 30 years, are increasingly in the background.

Coloring page moon for children to colorMany of these traditional occupations are essential for children's development.

This applies to both motor and cognitive developments. Painting is a very important activity here. Painting is not only important for the children to sharpen their creativity, but children are also very happy about it. Because by painting they can let something arise.

And this creative activity is not only beneficial for the little ones, but also helps adults to relax and pursue a nice hobby.

Skills for the professional career

Painting is especially important for children, as they also acquire skills or develop skills that will help them in their later lives. For example, let's think about the future professional world children are confronted with.

If one day the child ends up in the marketing department of a company, for example, there are many tasks that require creativity. These tasks can include, for example, making a brand name known and anchoring it in the mind of the customer Maxilia.


To a large extent, this is achieved through visual stimuli. If a person has already carried out many creative activities, such as painting, during his life, the task of designing a logo for a brand will be easier for him than a person who has not yet carried out any creative activities. If the child has trouble starting to paint himself and without instructions, our coloring pages are ideal for introducing him to painting.

On our pages, there is a huge variety of coloring pages, from which the child can choose according to his individual preferences and preferences.