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Massages have been important since ancient times. Today massaging is so important that the most varied massage techniques are used in a multitude of different cultures. In this country, many people find it a relief to have a massage in their own four walls after a strenuous day at work.

Massage: Helpful tips for a feel-good experience at home

The wellness effect of this type of massage is high - regardless of whether functional or sensual massages or massages for specific body regions or the entire musculoskeletal system are practiced.

Massage at home
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If there is no masseur available for a massage, you can massagers achieve a similar feel-good effect. Thanks to the warming effects and regular massaging movements, such instruments also contribute to a relaxing effect and help to release severe tension.

Use a little break for a wellness unit

An important aspect of a soothing massage is the lack of time pressure, as these treatments are closely related to switching off from stressful everyday life. For this reason, it is important that the massage is not under any time pressure and that it is carried out in a quiet place. If these conditions are met, the relaxed mood has a positive effect on the muscle tone and the overall massage result.

Important helpers: scented candles and quiet music

The massage effect is further intensified by reinforcing moments of relaxation with additional elements. Accompanying calm music or scented candles achieve an unexpected effect.

In addition, the massage technique is crucial. In general, the rule is that when it comes to massage skills, no master has fallen from heaven. Important experience is gained through regular massaging. Frequent practice of massages also helps to refine massage techniques and to better respond to the needs of other people.

If hobby masseurs also let their creativity run free while massaging, nothing stands in the way of the wellness effect. This creativity forms the basis for the fact that massages feel particularly pleasant due to the constantly changing degrees of intensity and grip methods.

People who receive the massage are asked to point out to others which massage grips are particularly pleasant. Furthermore, the empathy of the masseur often provides information about which techniques the other person likes and which they don't.

For this reason, it is crucial that the masseur is able to interpret the physical reactions of the other accordingly. A positive aspect is, for example, a decreasing respiratory rate of the treated person, which indicates that the person is coming to rest.

Massage oils help relieve pain

So that a functional massage does not miss its effect, massage oils or comparable substances must not be missing during the wellness treatment. These oils provide the ability to effectively treat muscle cords without “gripping” causing pain.

Furthermore, such oils contribute to the fact that parts of the body can be driven powerfully and over a large area without an unpleasant feeling occurring.

Important prerequisites for a relaxing classic massage

A classic massage can be performed while sitting or lying down in a well-heated room. It is important that the surface is comfortable, but not too soft.

During the movement, the masseurs should make sure that stroking movements are always carried out in the direction of the heart. The resulting pressure of the strokes relaxes the muscles while the blood flow is accelerated.

When kneading, the muscles are pushed against each other and stretched in this way. This technique is effective in relieving muscle tension. Furthermore, hardening of the muscles is minimized in this way.

Massages with the fingertips or the entire ball of the hand create better blood circulation in the skin. Regularly tapping your hands on the body also stimulates the blood flow to the entire nervous system.

It is important that pressure on the spine during a massage should be avoided at all costs. The region of the kidneys should also be treated with caution. If a massage lasts about 30 minutes, the best effects are achieved during this period.

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