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Family is the island in the roaring sea. Security and stability are the anchor we need in our society. The "family time" is a groundbreaking daily ritual.

Family gives a hold - for a lifetime

We discuss the day, worries and problems. We plan holidays, excursions or a birthday.

Mother and daughter in the family home
The family stops - for a lifetime

Just the "WE" and cohesion are the most important building blocks. Humans are pack animals and need community, conversation and the feeling of being understood and accepted.

The functioning relationship, trust and hierarchy, give the structure to master everyday life. Everyone has their own place and tasks. As a family you are strong and it serves as a refuge and retreat. A complex system that makes you happy. Because what is lived on, the next generation lives on.

Children are the foundation

They make the relationship perfect. Children are not only an enrichment, they are also suddenly immersed in their healing world. They give life a new meaning and turning point. Their carefree nature also gives us the feeling of making life easier. Adventure playground, bedtime stories, monster hunters, we share all that.

Learning and understanding each other is the crucial process. In the family, children enjoy coexistence, protection and subconscious education. Because the behavior patterns are lived and internalized. Their pronounced sense of value is laid in the cradle of children. According to a study, children's family, friends and security are the most important thing. Ownership and money therefore relatively unimportant.

For parents, laughing their child is a godsend you every kid's birthday a challenge. They are a wealth of experience that you do not want to miss and often turn your life upside down.

Responsibility and respect

No family works without rules. From childhood on, these are set up. Children go through different stages of their lives, confronting parents with new behavioral patterns. Especially in the age group 6 to 12, profound changes take place.

Even puberty can often bring parents to their limits. Children become adults who want to live according to their own needs. Every life gaze of a child also brings with it a change. Conflicts are carried out and how much influence do you have as a parent yet. This responsibility must be steered in the right direction.

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