Tinker with children

Crafts are not only fun for the children but also for the parents. But a sensible idea is needed. Handicrafts according to the seasons also ensure that your own home is always nicely decorated with self-made items.

Crafts with children according to the seasons

In the spring you can finally get out and want to drive away the murky winter mood with some nice crafting ideas. Because now you are finally fed up with the winter and also the children want nothing more than to finally play in nature again.

Tinker with children
Handicrafts with children - © Robert Kneschke / Adobe Stock

If that does not happen all day long, you can at least have your spring brew your own four walls with cheerful colors, flowers and birds.

In spring, the birds come back. Remember with a bird poster. To do this, take a large piece of white wallpaper, dye it blue (for the sky, for example) and stretch various lines over the sheet. Create beautiful birds with your child, for example from clay cardboard or felt. Of course, the little ones are allowed to paint their own faces.

Tinker in the summer

Summer, sun, beach and sea - who is not looking forward to this season and the common family vacation?

If the holiday is still a bit, just get a little beach and sea home. To do this, take a large glass jar (a bowl, a disused aquarium or a lantern) and put some sand in it. Craft paper can be used to make beautiful palm trees, deckchairs and coconuts. Shells and other souvenirs from the last holiday so find a place of honor. Surely you will remember even more to decorate your home beach together with your child.

Handicrafts in the fall

As the days get longer, the forest becomes more colorful. Gather your child together beautiful leaves, pretty sticks, hazelnuts, chestnuts and everything that nature has to offer. From the found natural materials you can tinker with your child together small figures or autumn landscapes. If you press the leaves in a book, then the Bastellei remains beautiful for a long time.

Tinker in winter

Since the weather keeps us longer in the house, it is time to provide a chic decoration in this season. Collect a few white pieces of wool, some cardboard and some felt or construction paper. Even if it does not snow, we can make little pompom snowmen with little effort. Simply cut out two round circles from the cardboard and make a hole in the middle. Both circles must be absolutely equal. Because these serve as Pomponhalter. Now wrap it with white tape and cut the pompon between the templates. Please bind it with a ribbon. Now you can put the snowman on with cardboard or felt and decorate it.

Tinkering after seasons always gives your home a new face.

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