Tired I'm going to rest - notes and text

The audition of children's songs is a real and proven sleep aid. The effect, among other things, results from the fact that young children love music. Even more detailed studies on the topic of healthy falling asleep prove that children simply come to a better rest through music.

Sheet music and lyrics Tired I'm going to rest

Parents do not have to be experts in order to make their offspring aware of the many advantages of nursery rhymes when falling asleep. But to make sure that the pitch is at least approximately correct, you are welcome to print our child-friendly designed template with notes and text of the nursery rhyme. Larger children can also paint the leaves with notes and text!

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Sheet music and lyrics Tired I'm going to rest
Sheet music and lyrics Tired I'm going to rest

Tired I'm going to rest - text

Tired I'm going to rest,
Close both eyes:
Father, leave your eyes
Be over my bed!

Did I do wrong today,
Do not look at it, dear God!
Your mercy and Jesus' blood
Does all harm well.

Far from me, hate and envy,
Love and kindness in me.
Let me look at your greatness,
Only trust in you, O God, trust.

All who are related to me,
God, let rest in your hand,
All people, big and small,
Should you be ordered.

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Please feel free to contact usif you are looking for more notes and lyrics of nursery rhymes. We are happy to add more notes with text in our collection of notes for children's songs. The design of the notes with child-appropriate coloring pages is complex, but if necessary we like to try it.

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