Nakedness in everyday life a taboo?

Nakedness - for some they just normal, while others are ashamed and avoid them. Not everyone dares to go on a camping for naturist holiday, relax in the sauna or on a nudist beach. But why is that?

Taboo topic nudity in everyday life

Although we are born naked, quite a few people are so influenced by their parents and possibly their religion, not to do anything naked.

Nakedness is a taboo in everyday life
Nakedness in everyday life - unclothed in your own home?

Some are ashamed because they think they do not have the ideal figure. It can also be a nice feeling nudity, which would like to be discovered.

Here are a few tips to help you take a nudity self-experiment or deepen your subject as a veteran.

1. Sleep naked
You can start by sleeping naked. Feeling the body alone is just as possible as a couple. A nice side effect, especially in summer, is that you do not wear any clothes that are sweated wet.

2. Move naked in the apartment

Anyone who is at home and does not have to go to work, to shops or appointments can walk around naked at home and tidy up, for example. Or you put a small towel on the sofa, sit on it and relax with a book. It is also possible to look at yourself in front of the mirror or just dance in front of it with music.

3. Eat naked
If you are already sitting, then it is also possible to take your meals without clothing. In addition, the food can be put naked on the table beforehand. If you are a couple, you have the opportunity to spice up the love life with chocolate cream, strawberries and cream, for example.

4. Sunbathe naked
It is wonderful if you sunbathe without swimwear or other clothing. The seamless tanning, without leaving the body bright spots, can be done for example in your own garden, if the neighbors can not see this or you protect yourself with a correspondingly high fabric wall or umbrellas from view. If there is no private garden or you would like to go to a lake, you should first search for a beach online, where the textile-free sunbathing is possible. If you do not dare to sunbathe completely naked by the ladies, you can try out first without lying down in the sun. Then one of the next few times it is still possible to completely omit the clothes.

5. Swim naked

After sunbathing, swim without swimwear. Here you can just feel yourself and the cooling wet.

Nudity in everyday life
Bath naked?

If you then get out of your own pool or lake, you will be happy to see that no damp clothing sticks to the skin, which first has to dry or which one must now change, because just rather a dry bikini or swimming trunks is worn. Now it is possible to just dry off or get wet in the sun until it dries.

6. Naked are in the rain
For this you need a place where nobody sees you, like in your own garden, in a park or at the lake. If you have no cold and then get a warm summer rain, it is possible to feel your own body and the raindrops.

7. Take nude photos
Almost every mobile phone already has a camera these days. Or one immediately takes the high-quality camera for it. There are enough possibilities for motives. For example, you pose naked on the bed or on the couch. It is also possible to place the camera on a tripod, for example to cook naked or play the piano and press photos using the self-timer. Anyone who has a partner and would like to surprise them, for example with a calendar that contains their own nude photos, can also turn to a professional photo studio. Or you pose together or in front of your partner.

But beware of nude photos - sexting. A dangerous trend!

So it's not that hard to do different things naked. You just have to take the first step, that is, dare. Once you have overcome this inhibition, you can feel its wonderful body and feel free without clothes.

Incidentally, even women with a girlfriend and men with a buddy can perform this naked self-experiment, if you do not dare alone. After a while, however, many realize that nakedness is even beautiful and treat themselves more and more often times unclothed.

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