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If you're new to sewing, you need basic equipment.

Good tool for sewing - good work

No good work can be done without good tools. When sewing, it is very important to work very carefully so that the final result looks visually perfect. If there is no lack of ideas and patterns, then it can start with a few little things right now. Anyone who is new to sewing needs to know what yarn he should buy. Most seamstresses and seamstresses use a good cotton yarn. Experts vary depending on the material and the material of the yarn.

Tool for beginners when sewing
The right tool for beginners when sewing

The yarn should not be saved under any circumstances. A very high tear strength is important not only when sewing, but also during later use. Nothing is more annoying than a constantly torn thread in the sewing machine. Again and again this must be threaded. This not only costs time, but also nerves and often the desire to sew is lost. A so-called sewing stitch is not only for beginners the best. This is often made of polyester and can be used for all fabrics. Reihgarn is best suited for temporary seams. This tears very quickly and can be easily removed once the right seam is set.

Even with the pair of scissors, everyone, not just those who are new to sewing, should choose a good material. A proper tailoring scissors, which is really only used to cut the fabrics, is an absolute must. The tailor scissors has longer blades, is often made of a heavy metal and has a very long life expectancy, if it is not misappropriated. Paper or other materials are not to be cut with her - just fabric.

There are no limits to the choice of fabrics. Everything is available. All materials, all colors - plain and colorful as well as all prices. When selecting the substance, it is not absolutely necessary to select a specialist market. On the Internet can be very good bargain. For the beginner, it is often sufficient to get a box of fabric remnants. With these, a beginner can first try and practice. Once the seams are good, you can dare to larger project.

A Schneidematte does not necessarily have to be part of the basic equipment, but helps enormously, especially if the dimensions are on it. If you work with a roller blade, you should not give it up to protect the ground.

However, it would be important a tailoring tape, a lot of pins with different sized heads, sewing needles in different sizes and thicknesses and a seam separator, if it is a seam is not sewn correctly or too tight clothing is to be widened.
Anyone who is new to sewing is already well equipped with this basic equipment and can let his creativity run wild.

Sewing ideas for beginners

Anyone who does not earn a living sewing, but rather as a hobby dedicated to the thread and the needle, often lacks sewing ideas.
It should be sensible or practical. But what to sew? A good opportunity for inspiration and sewing ideas is to stroll through the city. Often you discover things where the thought comes "I can do that too". If you also rummage through his wardrobe, one often discovers clothes that have become obsolete, but are too good to give away.

Find ideas for sewing
Find new ideas for sewing

For example, an old pair of jeans can be redesigned into many different things. The top, so the waistband with zipper and the back pockets, can be perfectly converted into a chic bags.

Sewing ideas also come mostly when sewing itself.

The legs of the jeans are in principle already almost ready for a neck roll or smaller pockets. With beautiful applications lovingly designed gifts can arise. Small bags that contain a coupon - as one of many sewing ideas.

Maybe there is someone in the relationship or in the circle of friends who deals with sewing. These often have many patterns and also a lot of fabric remnants, which can develop into practical things. For the children can be created breast bags or chic and fashionable caps. Sewing patterns are also available almost everywhere. The magazine trade offers magazines that have established themselves on the market for decades. Each issue contains a pattern. For example, if you want to sew a beautiful skirt, look for such a pattern and get started.

In fabric shops - which, however, have become very rare - can be purchased substances that bring more Nähideen. The conversation with the saleswoman or with a seamstress brings new sewing ideas.

How about, for example, with small animals made of terrycloth, which can be taken in the bathtub. The children are certainly happy and a lot of money has been saved. Simply fill with foam and lay on the heater to dry after bathing.
More great sewing ideas are also available on the Internet.

This is how blogs have been created that deal exclusively with this topic.
Sewing ideas in abundance. If you are interested in a particular topic, you simply enter the conversation in the blog and often visitors even provide patterns that are sent in a few minutes by e-mail.

So you quickly come to sewing ideas that would not have occurred to you. If you want something more sophisticated, you should go to the corresponding websites. There you will find instructions and patterns for example cocktail dresses or trouser suits and costumes. Sewing ideas are always and everywhere to find - just look and indulge in the imagination and creativity.

Sewing with children

Who counts children to his family, be it the own or the relatives, who knows that especially in cloudy and cold weather, a good plan of employment must be, so that no boredom arises.

Sewing with children
Sewing with children

Children are very fond of filigree things that make them think and stimulate their motor skills. Sewing with children is a challenge for everyone involved, it is incredibly fun and the result can either be given away or kept.

Children love this kind of employment. Besides sewing with children, crafting is also a very good pastime for the little ones. Instead of sitting in front of the TV all day long, they can use them to create, for example, the Christmas decoration, the Easter decoration or a gift in loving detail. Sewing with children requires special utensils depending on the age of the little ones. The scissors should not have pointed ends and the needles should be provided with a slightly rounded tip. This minimizes the risk of injury.

To make the fun nonetheless, larger pieces of cloth should be cut by an adult. Anyone who sews a lot anyway will certainly have a small smorgasbord of scraps of fabric that can be optimally processed by the children.

Here you can let your imagination run wild and ban its creativity in fabric.
When sewing with children is also to pay attention to the degree of difficulty. Simple things like pillow cases or bags are great fun. These can consist of a piece of fabric or can be sewn together. It is important when sewing with children, which is always an adult, who is helpful to help, if it does not continue.

Special advantage when sewing with children is the self-confidence learned.

The children get a job and solve it on their own responsibility. However, if the result does not match what the adult imagined, then no excessive criticism should be made. As long as the little ones like it, everything is in perfect order.

For the sewing with children a certain preparation should be made. For example, very simple instructions that are shown on a paper.

The grandmas have turned out to be the best sewing teachers. They have an incredible amount of patience and still know stitches and stitches that are almost extinct. Anyone who can not fall back on a grandmother and even when mother hardly finds time, can also bring his child in a children's mauling. These take place either once a week or only during the holidays. Just give it a try and let the child decide how intensively sewing should be taught. It can not do any harm.

What fabrics do I need for sewing?

Anyone who describes themselves as a bloody beginner in sewing, should first of all inform themselves about the different substances that can be sewn with the best.

Which fabrics are available for sewing? Answer: Very many. It can be worked with just about any fabric, be it silk or cotton or linen. Even leather can be used for sewing, but most sewing machines do not work here. It says then, pure manual work is characterized. But sewing by hand or with the machine offers various great fabrics that can cause one or the other feat.

What fabrics do I need for sewing?
What fabrics do I need for sewing?

Probably the most popular material in the question of which fabrics are available for sewing is cotton.
This natural fiber is characterized by many features. It is very easy to wear, does not scratch, is soft, absorbent, tear-resistant and extremely resistant.

For sewing beginners, the cotton is very well suited because it does not warp much when cutting and on the sewing machine is perfect to lead. The cotton is also ideal for handicrafts. Before it goes to the processing, the fabric should first be washed, as it always enters something.

For sewing outerwear, the cotton batiste is recommended. This is a finer, densely woven fabric made of cotton and other natural fibers. Tunics, shirts and blouses often consist of this cotton batiste.

Also very suitable for outerwear is the chiffon. This is a crepe fabric and it can be made of this material very beautiful Lagenlooks. Light summer dresses and blouses made of chiffon wear very well and are perfect to work with the sewing machine.

As a rather rough matter in the question, which fabrics are there for sewing, is the Cord. This can be recognized by its longitudinal grooves, which usually have a velvety surface. When sewing Cord always pay attention to the direction of the lines. This requires a little experience. When ordering Cord by the meter, it is therefore important to ensure that more waste is produced than originally intended. It should be ordered a little more, so that the fabric is sufficient for the sewing piece.

The Renner currently is the fleece. This soft, fluffy fabric is incredibly breathable, leaves little wind and keeps very warm despite its lightness. Fleece is just perfect for hats, scarves, jackets and pullovers. There is no specific requirement for sewing. It is as easy to work with as cotton.

Find the right sewing machine

A sewing machine is not the same as a sewing machine. There are many factors to consider when purchasing to find the right sewing machine. The offer is so varied that you as a beginner easily loses the overview and feels overwhelmed.

The right sewing machine
How do I find the right sewing machine?

With the help of product descriptions, you should first get an overview. When choosing is also to consider what should be done with the sewing machine everything.
Do you only need them to sew a seam, or do you want to spend more time in your free time and try new things?

For the first variant, a cheap sewing machine with the typical seams is sufficient. For the second variant, for example, make sure that the machine sews on buttons and many other stitch patterns ready. Furthermore, the question arises of the high quality of the sewing machine. To find the right sewing machine, good information is very important. Maybe you have already decided on a manufacturer.

Then it is necessary to compare the different devices with each other. If you work a lot with your machine, you should pay attention to a long warranty period.

Semi automatic computer sewing machines are also offered for faster operation. For example, they can often embroider. The price for such a model is of course in a rather higher segment. However, it may be worthwhile if, for example, a separate sewing room is available and the machine is running every day. Here a lot can be tried and especially with a large family, this is a good help with torn garments. It does not necessarily have to be bought the same way. Repair is announced again.

Finding the right sewing machine is actually not that difficult, even if there is an oversupply. Anyone who knows exactly what he wants to do with the machine and which functions he demands, will quickly find the right model in the appropriate price range.

For advanced seamstresses and seamstresses, a so-called overlock sewing machine is just perfect. This is technically advanced, for example, the fabric edge is cut directly when sewing. This overlock machine has many different stitch types that no other machine has.

It is therefore important to be able to find the right sewing machine, which demands you make on these. There is always the right device for the right price. Discounters also often offer sewing machines that can not be assigned to a specific and well-known manufacturer, but they also fulfill their purpose.

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