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The range of dietary supplements to lose weight is great. They all promise a noticeable weight loss without feeling hungry within a short time. All this without elaborate diet plans and even without exercise. But what is really important about the many weight loss products? Keep your promise or prove yourself even as unhealthy?

These are the most popular product groups

Supply of dietary supplements, which promise a fast and sustainable weight loss, is huge.- Protein shakes, so-called formula diets, are low-calorie and enriched with important nutrients protein powder.

Superfood and dietary supplements
Superfood and dietary supplements

Purifying agents are designed to dehydrate the body to lose weight. Fat blockers, including fat burners, prevent the use of the fats supplied by the diet. Carbohydrate blockers inhibit the digestive enzymes required for carbohydrate digestion.

Appetite suppressants reduce the feeling of hunger with ingredients such as caffeine, guarana or mate extracts.- Superfood smoothies promise weight loss without dieting; they are definitely healthy.

All of these products are said to help you lose weight and feel healthy and fit within a short period of time.

Dietary supplements support weight loss

Every single manufacturer of these diet products states with the greatest conviction that their product leads to a reliably fast and permanent reduction of body weight. And all without Change of diet or intensive exercise.

Part of the practical experience is in keeping with these promises. Nevertheless, the weight reduction with the help of dietary supplements is to be considered critically. Because the list of disadvantages is at least as long as the benefits.

Advantages of different products

Among the most effective supplements are the formula diets, where protein powder and / or superfood is mixed with water to form a shake. These special products are definitely able to continue a diet motivated by the fast-paced success.

An alternative for physically healthy people are appetite suppressants that suppress the feeling of hunger. Especially when switching from a high calorie diet to a healthy diet, these pills will be helpful for a short period of time. The weight loss in this case results from the reduced calorie intake in the context of the conscious diet.

According to Stiftung Warentest, there are no studies with so-called fat and carbohydrate blockers that show positive effects.No dietary products without disadvantagesCarbohydrate blockers can be the cause of diarrhea and flatulence, while the intake of fat blockers can cause severe side effects such as fecal incontinence, stomach cramps or vitamin deficiency.

At the same time they influence the effects of medications such as the anti-baby pill.

But the supplements have in addition to the yo-yo effect even more disadvantages.- Long-term use of protein shakes: circulatory problems, constipation, disturbance in the electrolyte balance.- Detoxifying: too high uric acid levels, lower blood sugar levels, potassium deficiency.- appetite suppressant: various risks for people with heart disease or high blood pressure.

It has been proven that dietary supplements such as protein shakes or appetite suppressants provide good guidance and motivation over a limited period of time. All other products are only conditionally recommendable

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