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Beauty from nature is made with natural ingredients in the form of natural cosmetics. These not only provide a sense of well-being, but they are also harmless by the ingredients used. The desire for an ecological, sustainable and healthy lifestyle is growing, so natural cosmetics are becoming more current and popular.

How do you recognize natural cosmetics?

Natural cosmetics are not defined by law and therefore there is no uniform quality seal. There are a lot of fictional organic labels from the industry that are misleading when you buy them. Nevertheless, some trustworthy seals were created over time. These products are then from cultivation of raw materials to processing organic products. Therefore, you can recognize natural cosmetics once on the seal.

Woman relaxes and relaxes naked at spa, spa and body careBut unfortunately, there is not just a seal. That makes it a little harder. However, you can assume that all substances used are derived from products with seals from nature. Fats, waxes, oils, colors and fragrances may only be produced from mineral, vegetable and with few exceptions from animal raw materials. Taboo are paraffins, silicones, animal experiments and radioactive irradiation. Quality seals include "NaTrue", "Controlled Natural Cosmetics" and "EcoCert".

Beauty from nature is healthier

In normal cosmetics are hormonally active substances that can cause side effects and even diseases. In the approved dosage, these substances are harmless. But critics say that one does not know how the substances react with other products used. In natural cosmetics, these controversial substances are prohibited. But even natural cosmetics have partially essential oils that can trigger allergies. Nobody can therefore prove that natural cosmetics or normal cosmetics are better.

Various products of natural cosmetics

In natural cosmetics, there are all the products that one knows and needs. These include face and eye care, hair care, make-up and lipstick, body cleansing, soap, hand cream, sun care and much more.

Gentle care

Especially our skin needs a careful handling and a gentle care. It is exposed daily to the harmful environmental influences. The skin absorbs all substances and transports them to the inside of the body. Cosmetics contain chemicals that can harm the skin. Natural cosmetics, on the other hand, support and revitalize our skin and make it beautiful and smooth.
Pamper yourself with the beauty of nature. Very popular are natural cosmetics as a gift and something very special.

Disadvantages of natural cosmetics

In the natural cosmetics range you will find almost no long-lasting or waterproof mascara. Even sunscreens with a sun protection factor over 20 or bright lipsticks you will search in vain. Shower gels and shampoos hardly foam and hair sprays can not be so finely distributed. Silicones and powders also sometimes get worse. Even natural hair dyes have disadvantages, gray hair does not disappear completely and the hair is lighter in color is hardly possible.

Natural care from head to toe

More and more consumers want a natural care and resort to organic cosmetics products. Our skin loves to be cared for gently and preferably from natural resources. Meanwhile, many companies offer natural cosmetics and the trend continues.

Natural care with coconut oil

Skin care with fruits
Natural cosmetics for a beautiful skin

Coconut oil is rich and gives a lot of moisture. This is very suitable for hair care. As a natural hair condition, it can be applied to the hair when molten. To melt it you can rub it against each other with your hands. It is best to leave the coconut oil in the hair for a few hours. The longer the exposure time, the better the aftercare effect.

After exposure, the hair must be thoroughly rinsed out so that it does not feel oily any more. Naturally shiny and loose hair will be the result. The moisturizing property can not only be used for the hair, it also benefits the skin. For the care antibacterial properties are known and appreciated. The coconut oil can be used for the whole body. Face, lips, hands, feet, the whole body will feel pleasantly soft after the care and smell very good. Body parts that are particularly dry quickly become soft and tender again. Economical should be with the application of oil on greasy skin.

The coconut oil is a natural care from head to toe. It can be used for the whole body, so it is also very popular.

Buy the right coconut oil

You can buy coconut oil in health food stores and drugstores. When buying, you should make sure that it is free of additives.


The daily natural care of the skin usually starts with a body lotion. Body lotion in natural cosmetics has ingredients such as soybean oil, shea butter and almond oil. The skin is moisturized by the plant's moisture factor for a long period of time. Intensive care and optimum skin protection are provided by vitamins C and E.

Body creams

If the skin is very dry you should better use a body lotion.
For dry skin and body butter has been proven. It contains Macadamianus oil, which nourishes the skin and supplies dry areas with sufficient lipids. By using the substances of the passion flower, the moisture balance of the skin is stimulated and the skin is protected.


An irregular complexion needs a regular exfoliation. For the natural care one uses products with different algae, complexes of seawater minerals and vegetable glycerine for moisture regulation.

Natural care is becoming increasingly popular. It is a fountain of youth for the body and for the skin.

Recipes: Natural cosmetics for the home

Natural cosmetics can not only be bought ready. Anyone can also make their natural cosmetics themselves at home. With home-made natural cosmetics, you can be completely sure that the ingredients used are really natural and that no chemicals are included.

Facial care - manufacture natural cosmetics yourself

Recipes for natural cosmetics Face care

A face mask can be made easily and quickly from quark and some honey. Also ideal for a stressed facial skin is healing earth. These are made from a very special earth. This soil is cleaned, dried and diluted with oil and water.
At home, you can simply mix 1 to 2 tablespoon of healing clay with water until a spreadable pulp is produced. The earth is evenly distributed on the face and so eliminates impurities and dirt from the skin.

After a treatment, you can scrub the face mask and have an intense peeling effect. If you have a more sensitive skin, you can wash the face mask with warm water. For the care after the face mask, you can use a rich jojoba or almond oil. Your skin will feel wonderfully soft.

Body scrub done quickly

For a body scrub you do not need many ingredients. Take three tablespoons of cooled coffee, three tablespoons of almond oil, linseed oil, or olive oil, and stir this mass into a porridge. Now you rub the desired body parts in circular, gentle movements. Finally, wash off with plenty of lukewarm water.

Care for hands

Especially the hands are very stressed and unfortunately mostly neglected. With honey water you can pamper your chapped and dry hands. All you need to do is add 1 to 2 tablespoons of honey in a bowl with a little warm water and stir. Bathe your hands in 10 for a few minutes, then rinse with clear water. Honey is a natural product and maintains valuable ingredients while still disinfecting.

Recipe for natural cosmetics Wellness bath

A spa is not only very relaxing, it is also very nourishing. With only a few ingredients you can prepare a wellness bath at home. For the spa bath, add a cup of buttermilk to the bathwater, a little olive oil and 1 to 2 tablespoon of honey. For a great fragrance you can add a few drops of rose water. Your skin will thank you.


Your feet also or just need proper care.

Take a bowl of some rosemary sprigs and pour boiling water over them. Let it stretch until the temperature is optimal for the feet. After the footbath you should massage your feet with a rich cream.

Recipes for natural cosmetics are easy and fast to copy. You only need a few ingredients that you have most at home. Trying out is really worth it.

Make healthy cosmetics yourself

Making healthy cosmetics yourself is popular and appreciated more and more. Many have problems with industrial care products because they can cause rash and dry skin.

Benefits of healthy cosmetics

Healthy cosmetics from nature
You can make healthy cosmetics yourself

If you want to make cosmetics yourself, then decide for yourself which fabrics you use.

Making healthy cosmetics yourself is cheaper than purchased products. Homemade cosmetics are also environmentally friendly. The ingredients of most recipes are organically grown, such as herbs, fruits and oils. Daily care products such as creams, soaps or shampoos are quick and easy to touch. Of course you can not produce any special products like an anti-wrinkle cream yourself at home, but with just a few simple steps a face cream. This provides plenty of moisture and fat and has a nourishing effect as a face mask.

Why should you use healthy cosmetics?

Any mother who wants her family to live well, look for natural and healthy ingredients when shopping. Even with cosmetics, the trend is more and more to do it yourself. But it is just as important there. The skin absorbs the substances and supplies them to our organism, whether they are caring or harmful ingredients. Normal cosmetics are especially problematic for people with sensitive skin. Finding the right care is expensive. Most products often aggravate the problem rather than making it better.

To find the ideal product for yourself, it's best to do it yourself. To make healthy cosmetics yourself, you need only a few ingredients. Some ingredients can even be found at home.

Cosmetics you can do yourself

There are many products you can do yourself. For example, you can make cosmetics such as skin cream, lotion, body butter, ointment, facial care, sunscreen, lip balm, skin care, baby care and much more. Even wet wipes for toddlers or make-up removal can be made by yourself. The self-made are full of nourishing ingredients, it's healthy, organic and even cheaper.

Making healthy cosmetics yourself means having many benefits. An advantage is that you know exactly what ingredients are in the product. Also, it is much cheaper than purchased products.

Why natural cosmetics protects against age

Natural cosmetics are good for our skin and full of good ingredients, but why does natural cosmetics protect against aging?

Natural cosmetics protect against poisoning

Most cosmetic products contain many toxic chemicals. With water, food and clothing, we absorb enough pollutants. Therefore, one should try to avoid the toxins from cosmetics. In order to reduce the toxin load of the body, switching to natural cosmetics can help. The harmful chemicals are used in the products mostly for emulsification, preservation, flavoring and soap to increase the disinfecting effect.

There are chemicals that have hormone-like effects in the body and for that reason can irritate the hormone balance and lead to health problems. Chemicals can enter the body through the skin, which in the worst case can promote neurological behavioral problems, obesity, cancer and diabetes.

Stay young with natural cosmetics

The chemical substances in cosmetics can harm your health. Natural cosmetics support the nourishing and healing effects. Vitamins can help prevent and delay the aging process.

With natural cosmetics not only everyone will feel younger, but also look younger.

When the skin relaxes

Portrait of adorable girl smiling with lemon, over white
Natural facial care

When the skin relaxes, it can be a sign of skin aging. Against the slack of the skin there is a simple natural remedy. For this one must melt stearin with small to medium heat, add triethanolamine and simmer for ten minutes. When the mixture has cooled down a little, add a few drops of rose water, glycerine, tomato juice and lemon juice and mix everything until a cream has formed.

Wrinkles become visible

Of course, when the first wrinkles become visible, one would like to do something about it. In order to prevent the aging process from being used so seriously, natural remedies can help. In low to medium heat, beeswax, cod liver oil, almond oil and lanolin are melted. Mix rose oil and cucumber juice with a few drops. Stir everything until it is cold. Now it comes for about 48 hours in the fridge. The cream should be applied in the evening before going to bed and put in overnight. You will see the difference after only two to three weeks.

The question of why natural cosmetics protects against age would be clarified. It protects the skin and the body from chemical substances and helps when the skin begins to fade and wrinkles become visible.

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