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Care products should primarily cleanse the skin and make it beautiful. Most products are harmful to health. Many ingredients of the creams are linked to diseases. For that reason, you should prefer natural cosmetics and avoid using chemicals as often as possible.

Of course with natural cosmetics

shower gels

Shower gels, which are made from natural cosmetics, are available in a wide variety of varieties, with mango vanilla, pomegranate, blood orange and much more. The normal shower gel uses mineral oils. In natural cosmetics you will find coconut oil. Especially for dry or sensitive skin, it is well suited as it does not degrease the skin so much.

Make Up with classic natural cosmetics
Make up tips with natural cosmetics


Organic self-tanner are also well tolerated by sensitive skin, as they are especially kind to the skin. But - there is not the best self-tanner, because every skin reacts differently. Organic self-tanners have only herbal and harmless ingredients. You should differentiate the self-tanner for the face and for the body. The face is more exposed to the sun than the body.


Sunscreen as natural cosmetics contain only a mineral sunscreen. These reflect the sun like a mirror. Especially with very sensitive skin you should use natural cosmetic sun creams. It stays on the skin and can thus ensure sufficient protection.

Hair styling products

Hair gel and hair spray in nature - quality is not only good for the environment, but also for people with sensitive scalp. Organic hair sprays do not contain propellants, metal cans, artificial fragrances and silicones and still give the hair a good hold and a great shine.

hair colors

Meanwhile, there are all hair colors in natural cosmetics. The natural colors wrap around the hair like a coat. The natural herbs give the hair fullness and shine. The plant hair color has no preservatives, no artificial colors and no artificial additives. Plant hair dyes also do not damage the structure of your hair.

Anti-aging care

The oil of geranium should be just as effective and powerful as pure vitamin A. Specially bred bacteria produce the moisture binder hyaluronic acid. This makes the skin look younger and more plump in no time.

Powder, Kajal, Eyeshadow & Co

There is also a wide selection of organic products for make-up. Thanks to their good compatibility, they are especially used by sensitive skin types. Often they have ingredients that have a nourishing and soothing effect. You do not have to do without glitter and shine effects when it comes to natural cosmetics. More and more cosmetics are being produced on an organic basis.


With natural mascara you get long and voluminous eyelashes. It contains ingredients like camelina oil. This is a quick-drying oil that quickly sets in the air, does not blur and does not crumble.


In addition to the colorless care sticks, there is also a seductive red in natural cosmetics. Organic lipsticks contain no mineral oils, preservatives or artificial flavors. They contain nourishing organic oils, moisturizing blossom extracts and organic waxes. So it does not matter if you get some of the lipstick in your mouth.

Natural cosmetics should be used especially for sensitive skin, but also if you pay attention to natural care and the environment.

Worth knowing about the natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics is a new trend. It is designed to nourish your skin and reduce skin problems. The ingredients are extracted from natural resources.

How do you recognize natural cosmetics?
On many products are things like "nature", "natural" or "organic". However, there are often no natural substances in these products. Read exactly what's on the packaging. So how can you tell if it really is natural cosmetics? Help provide you with quality seals for natural cosmetics. Seals you can trust are, for example, the NATrue label, the ECOCERT seal and the seal BDHI Controlled Natural Cosmetics. Brands that have this seal are for example alverde, sante, dr. Hauschka or Lavera.

What is the difference between natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics?
Often, natural cosmetics are mistakenly mistaken for organic cosmetics. Natural cosmetics already include products that only have a low content of biological ingredients. In natural cosmetics synthetic and chemical additives are still allowed that would not be necessary. Organic cosmetics, on the other hand, consist of high-quality, natural raw materials; there are no chemical or synthetic auxiliaries.

Why natural cosmetics?
Natural cosmetics should pamper and radiate your skin. It is free from harmful and hormone-altering ingredients. Natural cosmetics does not diminish everything compared to conventional skin cosmetics, it stimulates them to better self-regulation. Manufacturers with a natural cosmetic seal confirm and promote the commitment to fair working conditions and environmental protection. In addition, animal testing is out of the question in natural cosmetics. In natural cosmetics, only natural fragrances and dyes are used. Artificial fragrances can quickly irritate sensitive noses. Using normal make-up, it feels like the skin under the layers can not breathe properly anymore. Cosmetics with natural ingredients, however, make the look lighter and fresher.

What is the transition to natural cosmetics?
Natural cosmetics activate the natural powers of the skin, therefore it can give a first deterioration. Impurities can initially increase, until the skin has adjusted to a self-regulation. For example, unlike traditional night creams, no oils or fats are used at night, but an aqueous serum. For dry skin, this may be unusual for a while. But the skin does not feel weighed down and can regenerate well at night. You have to give the skin time, it is important to stay with a product series. The skin usually takes about a month to adjust.

There are many good things in natural cosmetics. Your skin will get used to it and shine with a good look.

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