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Nothing is so often on German plates as noodles. They are available in all conceivable forms. Sometimes they are almost gossamer, then almost endlessly long, or they end up curled up in a pot of hot water. Only connoisseurs of the pasta scene still have an overview of which noodle is best for which dish. In addition to suggestions for exotic ingredients, we offer a classic pasta salad recipe.

Pasta salad recipe and preparation - How to succeed the pasta salad

Maybe the tagliatelle or the farfalle - or should it just be the classic version of spaghetti? And again and again, the same question arises: How healthy is the noodle? Who has dealt with the answers, comes to the conclusion: Who takes noodles in moderation, lives rather healthy, because noodles are a bubbly source of energy.

Pasta salad recipe classic style
Pasta salad recipe for a classic pasta salad

However, it is advisable to look at the calorie content of the sauces. And this is precisely where the popular pasta salad comes into play, because it's three: tasty, wholesome and healthy.

There are a myriad of recipes for the pasta salad that lends itself to many dishes as a side dish.

Of course, also at the barbecue in the garden or as a popular main course at a children's birthday party. Sometimes the substance of the noodle is exotic with typical Asian spices, sometimes the salad is classic - for example with cherry tomatoes, strips of chicken, salmon or asparagus. The imagination knows no bounds, because even shells, mushrooms, rocket or avocado are suitable as side dishes.

However, you should pay a lot of attention before the pasta salad is served

The fine taste is only given when the salad is freshly prepared. If this is not possible, for example due to time constraints, the salad should end its "hibernation" in the refrigerator at least one hour before serving.

If the noodles are cooked, they must be al dente, because who "overcooked" them will have no happy guests at his table. And to make sure you do not misjudge the amount of uncooked noodles, you should have this rule in mind: one hundred grams of noodles in the raw state correspond to about 200 to 280 grams of cooked noodles.

Lukewarm herbal pasta salad recipe

Not only does he look good, he actually pleases everyone. To make two people happy, the cook or cook needs the following


  • half a red and a half yellow pepper
  • two small carrots
  • 160 grams of broccoli
  • 80 grams of fine tagliolini
  • five tablespoons of oil
  • a little salt
  • two ripe tomatoes
  • a half bunch of plain parsley
  • five branches of thyme
  • three stalks of lemon balm
  • a style of peppermint
  • four small sage leaves
  • three stems of large-leaved basil
  • a tablespoon of lemon juice and
  • a touch of black pepper from the mill.

Preparation of pasta salad:

  • The peppers are baked for eight minutes after the plaster, then peeled off the skin and cut into strips.
  • The carrots are peeled and cut into thin slices, broccoli is minced.
  • The noodles are cooked to perfection in salt water, carrots and broccoli keep them company for four minutes.
  • Subsequently, the cooled noodles are enriched with sliced ​​tomatoes.
  • All of these herbs are plucked or finely chopped.
  • Finally, peppers and tomatoes are heated in a thin layer of oil and mixed under the noodles.

Very important: The pasta salad comes immediately afterwards fresh and lukewarm on the table.

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