Now all forests are at rest - notes and text

The older the child becomes, the more he will want to use his own voice by listening to singing and music. Audition should therefore be performed not only to fall asleep, but also for entertainment.

Sheet music and text Now all forests are resting

Children don't necessarily need musical instruments to make music. Everything that rattles, rattles or makes other noises is used for this purpose. Your own voice is also used. So that the pitch is at least roughly right, you are welcome to print out our child-friendly template with notes and text from the children's song. Older children can also color in the sheets themselves with notes and text!

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Sheet music and text Now all forests are resting
Sheet music and text Now all forests are resting

Now all forests are at rest - text


Now all forests are resting,
Livestock, people, cities and fields,
it sleeps the whole world;
but you, my senses,
up, on, you should start,
which pleases your creator.

Where are you, sun, stayed?
The night drove you out,
the night, the day's enemy.
Drive there; another sun,
my Jesus, my bliss,
even bright in my heart seems.

The day has passed
the gilded stars glisten
in the blue sky hall;
So I will stand,
when my name will go
my god out of this vale of tears.

The body hurries to rest
puts off the dress and shoes,
the picture of mortality;
I take that off, against it
Christ will invest me
the skirt of honor and glory.

The head, the feet and hands
are glad that now to the end
the work is coming.
Heart, rejoice, you shall become
from the misery of these earths
and work free from sins.

Now go, you dull limbs,
go and lay down,
the beds you want.
There are hours and times,
because you will be prepared
to rest a little bed in the earth.

My eyes are grim,
in no time they are closed.
Where is body and soul then?
Take her to your graces
be good for all harm,
you eye and guardian of Israel '.

Wide out the wings both,
Jesus, my joy,
and take your little chick.
Will Satan devour me,
so let the angels sing:
"This child should be unharmed."

Even you, my dears,
should not sadden today
no accident or danger.
God let you sleep happily,
imagine the gilded weapons
around the bed and his angelic crowd.


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Please feel free to contact usif you are looking for more sheet music and lyrics of nursery rhymes. We are happy to add more sheet music with text to our collection of sheet music for children's songs. Designing the notes with child-friendly coloring pictures is time-consuming, but we will be happy to try if necessary.

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