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Everyone wants a world they like to live in. With a healthy nature, little dirt, clean seas and fresh air. Unfortunately, many people still live very unconsciously and leave a sometimes huge ecological footprint on Mother Earth.

Ecological and sustainable life in everyday life

Live ecologically with nature
Live ecologically with nature - © romannoru / Adobe Stock

But even small steps and changes in everyday life that each of us can really implement can have a major impact on the preservation of our planet and ensure that we all like to live on it for a long time.

Regional products for less emissions

When shopping you can change a lot. Instead of buying vegetables and fruits from New Zealand, you can fall back on seasonal and regional products. This avoids avoidable fuel emissions. Another plus is supporting the local farmers and suppliers.

Buy fresh instead of plastic and other packaging

Instead of using plastic bags, the fruits and vegetables can simply be placed in the shopping basket. If a bag cannot be avoided, you can bring it with you the next time you shop, so as not to produce more plastic waste than necessary.

Meat, fish and cheese can also be purchased at the fresh food counter in some supermarkets. Butchers, cheese factories and farm stands in markets and courtyards also offer high-quality food. This saves a lot of packaging waste that arises when buying conventional refrigerated goods.

If you want to shop particularly sustainably, you can go for organic or Demeter food. This also sets a clear signal against factory farming and ensures that farmers are paid fairly.

Buy ecological and sustainable clothing

You can also contribute a lot to sustainability when buying clothes. More and more second-hand shops, flea markets and apps lure with unusual and beautiful pieces. If you would rather have a new piece of clothing, you can make sure that the materials have been traded fairly, are of organic quality and that the clothing was not produced under the worst conditions at the lowest prices. Better a shirt that costs a little more than one from Bangladesh, which was probably even made by children.

Paper and cloth bag

Fortunately, you can no longer get plastic bags at the checkout. If you still have bags at home, you can simply use them several times. Cloth bags that are long lasting, washed and can be used again and again are particularly ideal. In the meantime there are even cloth bags with appealing motifs or funny sayings. It even looks a lot nicer than a plastic bag.

Separating waste and returning returnable bottles are also two very important points for a sustainable life, which unfortunately is often given too little attention.

Ecological and sustainable when it comes to cleaning and personal hygiene

With cleaning agents, cosmetics and hygiene articles, it is advisable to take a look at the packaging. More and more manufacturers are offering products without microplastics, animal testing, harmful chemicals or the like. The use of ecologically degradable and harmless dishwashing detergents relieves the water enormously.

Many toothpaste varieties and care products contain microplastic or plasticizers that have been proven to be very harmful to us humans and our environment. Natural cosmetics is the much better alternative and also particularly interesting for those who like to dye their hair.

Silicones in traditional shampoos are not only a great burden on our waters and nature, but can also ensure that the hair can not absorb the color well. In natural cosmetic and hygiene articles these are not included.

Another tip: Hair can also be dyed wonderfully with the plant hair henna. It consists to 100 percent of plant powder and is not only available in many colors, but also incidentally also health and ecologically harmless.

When showering and washing up, you can do the earth a big favor if you consider economical water consumption. When washing dishes, filling the sink with water instead of simply turning the tap on all the time does the climate footprint and your wallet good. Likewise a short shower instead of taking a full bath regularly.

Ecological and sustainable transportation

Going to work by bike, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, using public transportation instead of sitting alone in a big car - these and many other small changes have a huge impact on our environment.

Because if anyone who has not got far, would reach their destination on foot or by bike instead of polluting the air with exhaust fumes, the planet would be much more liveable and the air much more refreshing and refreshing.

Incorporating more exercise into everyday life is not just an advantage for our nature anyway. Especially in times when many work in offices or other jobs where people sit a lot, the body is happy about the additional activity. Win-win situation, right?

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