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Many metabolic problems and their sequelae are a sign of our modern way of life. Those who want to avoid it, pay attention to a sufficient exercise, time for relaxation and a balanced diet, certainly through organic food.

Organic food and its role in nutrition

In the latter case, organic food plays an important role. They provide the body with vital vitamins, minerals and vital substances that it can not or only partially produce itself.

Organic food from the home
Organic food tastes twice as tasty

These, in turn, counterbalance the over-acidification of the body caused by stress, physical and mental strain or lack of exercise, and help to keep cells functioning longer.

Among other things, various scientific studies on the causes of the development of osteoarthritis prove that the targeted selection of high-quality organic food is used for prevention.

Organic foods may be those products whose ingredients come from organic farming. The term organic food is protected by law within the European Union.

Organic food

Organic products are not treated with pesticides, artificial fertilizers or sewage sludge and are not genetically modified. Fertilization and pest control are carried out exclusively by organic means, for example with nettle.

For animal products, which may carry the term organic food, adequate regulations apply. This requires a welfare of the animals, which is regulated in the EC Organic Regulation of 2007. Antibiotics should not be used preventively, but only in individual cases. In the preparation of food is dispensed with the ionizing radiation. Additives such as dyes and preservatives are hardly used in the production.

Who wants to buy organic food, selects those products that are marked with a bio-seal. This was introduced in Germany in the year 2001. It guarantees the ecological origin of the ingredients.

Organic food can be purchased in the health food store or in the health food store

In addition, many organic farmers offer direct sales through an in-house farm shop. Some of them also sell their products via the Internet, supplying regional supermarkets, restaurants or the end consumer.

Organic juices and Bionade as organic food
Organic food for your own health

Foods that are offered as organic food do not necessarily have to be organic food as the producer does not have to meet all the requirements of the EC Organic Farming Regulation. Nevertheless, the providers are likely to be interested in high quality standards.

Smaller companies that produce biological products often dispense with the organic label because the amount of product and the cost of applying would be out of proportion. Many hobby gardeners are also interested in organic fruit and vegetable cultivation.

However, ecology is not only related to the quality of products, but also to sustainability. The floors benefit from ecological processing. In conventional cultivation, almost exclusively artificial fertilizers are used, which should significantly increase the yield of fruits.

It overlooks, however, that over years of exploitation is operated. The soils leach out, they hardly contain any vital nutrients for a healthy microclimate and for the supply of the plants. In particular, the mineral magnesium is lost to them. But you fertilize more and more with potassium.

The pH gets out of balance. At some point in such soil life is no longer possible. In organic farming, on the other hand, you pay attention to a balance between the nutrients. If necessary, re-fertilized. The yields are often lower than in conventional cultivation. The floors can be used for many years.

When it comes to sustainability, transport costs for food also play an important role. Those who buy their products in the area contribute to environmental protection. In addition, you will be able to buy mainly seasonal vegetables at the organic farmers around the corner.

These are fully mature at harvest, while conventional foods are often harvested too early to survive unscathed the long journey. The nutrient content of organic foods from the region should therefore be many times higher than with exotic products.

Conventional food production is cheaper and less time-consuming compared to organic farming and animal welfare. This can be demonstrated, inter alia, the attitude of slaughter cattle. Without the preventive use of antibiotics, total loss of disease can occur.

Healthy foods with vitamins
Organic food

Those who refrain from the use of growth hormones must fatten the livestock longer. When natural remedies are used to treat illnesses, it often takes longer to work. Last but not least, top yields can not be obtained from an organically processed soil. All these factors influence the pricing of organic foods.

Organic food has to be more expensive compared to conventional products, so that the organic farmer can be economically viable. Although many customers now pay attention to the origin of the food, the majority of them still prefer the low discount prices.

In the fewest cases financial aspects trigger the cheap purchases. Rather, it is the thoughtless selection of products in which quantity comes first. This not only has negative effects on the existence of organic farmers. Also the health of the individual and the nature suffer. It is up to each person to make an active contribution to their own well-being and to contribute to the sustainability of our world.

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