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Animals exert an unlikely fascination on our offspring. At the present time there is a wide variety of different species that can be kept as pets. Each species has different requirements for the owner.

The ideal pet for children

If the pet is intended for a household with children, so it is here to make a certain choice, because a child has yet to learn how to deal with an animal species-appropriate. For this reason, there are animals that are particularly suitable for children and those that can be a problem for young children. Depending on the species, it is important to meet the requirements of the animals and to offer them a nice home. Pets can not only mean a good friend to children, but also the ability to understand how to deal with responsibility.

Dogs - Man's best friend

Dogs are very popular as pets. This fact is hardly surprising, considering the numerous advantages that a dog brings with it. First, however, it should be borne in mind that a dog is viewed by young children as more of a playmate than a pet.

Pets for children
Pets for children - Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

For this reason, it should be ensured that the offspring is mature enough to raise a dog. After all, having your own dog is associated with a lot of responsibility, because these animals require sufficient care and time. Therefore, the children should have reached a certain age in order to be able to take responsibility.

The first question is whether a puppy or adult dog is more suitable for children. At first glance, a puppy of a dog may be a better choice, but a young dog also means more work. The young animals must first be raised, which often requires regular attendance at a dog school over a longer period of time in order not to make any mistakes during the upbringing. This measure is of course also associated with costs. However, the dog's upbringing does not end with attending the dog school alone.

Especially with a puppy, exercises have to be carried out from time to time so that the dog does not let the individual commands be forgotten. In the early days, it is often necessary to walk the dog so that it can relieve itself, because it is mainly young dogs that still have a weak bladder and therefore often have to go to the front door. As a rule, it is advisable to cover the floor around the dog's place with newspaper until the dog has understood that he must not do his business in the house. A dog must also learn this first.

So it is necessary to walk in the early days several times a day and also during the night with the dog, with the nightly excursions should rather be taken over by the parents. Daily feeding with special puppy food is an opportunity for children to take care of raising the dog. Children have the chance to take responsibility in young dogs and at the same time the opportunity to find a true friend for life, because dogs have a fairly long life expectancy compared to other pets.

Of course it is also possible to buy an already adult dog. However, there is a need for follow-up here, as some animals may not accept their new owners right away, so some training is needed to change that. Richer animals are usually more sociable in their care and better suited for children, as they bring less effort. For children, dogs are a good pet especially in terms of play, because a dog can be fooled around and pursued various activities.

When choosing the dog, you should pay attention to the right breed, because some dog breeds are very family-friendly and are therefore a particularly good choice for a household with children. The individual breeds also differ greatly in body size and maintenance. Therefore, it makes sense to find out in advance about the dogs in question and then to assess which dog is best for the family. When making this decision, it makes sense to include the next generation. This can mean a small step towards a sense of responsibility.

The cat as a pet for children

In addition to the dog, the cat is a popular pet. Cats are often easier to hold than dogs, and this is mainly because a cat can largely self-cater and is not necessarily dependent on humans. This fact is especially true for outdoor animals, ie for cats, who are allowed to go outside and leave the house.

Coloring page girl caresses catThe so-called house cats need a little more care. As a rule, a cat is satisfied if it receives wet food once a day and there is always dry food in the bowl, so this is the cat right. Of course, it should always be ensured that the cat has fresh water available. This is a matter of great importance in all animal species. A cat is not as easy to teach as a dog, because cats have their own will and decide for themselves when it's time to play or petting.

Small children in particular should exercise caution here if they push the cat too much, as this can quickly lead to a small scratch on the child's skin. Caring for the cat also includes daily cleaning of the litter box. Most of the animals are groomed themselves. Additional work can only be done for species with very long fur, but these animals are seldom kept in households with children, as they are more of a lover's cat.

The cat is widely regarded as a very easy to get along with, which is ideal for children. Compared to a dog, there is less work to do because the cat can also take care of itself as a free-lancer. It is also possible to play with a cat, but these amusing moments are different than in dogs. Of course, sporting activities can be done less with a cat.

A little friend - the hamster

In the opinion of many people, the hamster is the ideal pet for younger children, because this animal offers the perfect entry for the offspring to learn how to handle animals. A hamster does not require much care and is easy to care for. However, a certain level of responsibility is required to keep the hamster fair. The accommodation of the animal is important, because compared to cats or dogs, it makes sense to keep the hamster in a cage.

The cage should be of a reasonable size for the animal so that the hamster is able to move enough. Nevertheless, the child should ensure that the hamster is given exercise at least once a day. With the help of rodent accessories, it is also possible for the children to build a small adventure playground for the little friend, where they can let off steam.

After the outlet, make sure that the child closes the door of the cage correctly so that the hamster can not get out of the cage. Since hamsters are nocturnal, the hours of play are especially suitable in the evening. During the day, the animal should be allowed to sleep. This must be explained especially to young children. The child has to make sure with a hamster, that the animal always fresh water is available.

When feeding the animal, it should be noted that the animals like to accumulate feed stores. This means that the hamster can hide the food somewhere in the nest and only gives the impression that there is no food in the bowl. The child should therefore check carefully before feeding whether there is any food in the cage before the bowl is filled again. However, hamsters are popular pets among children not only because of their easy keeping.

A hamster quickly becomes tame and it is possible to hold the animal in your hands and let it run free. Of course, this should only be done under supervision. The hamster is a suitable beginner animal for young children. There are also other rodents, such as guinea pigs or rabbits, which are also suitable for children due to their easy keeping.

The pet behind the window - fish

At first glance, fish are not suitable animals for small children. This does not change on closer inspection, because these animals are very sensitive creatures that require a special attitude. Especially with regard to the correct water values, it is possible that children can make mistakes that eventually lead to the death of the animals. For this reason, fish are not the right pets for small children.

More mature children, who can already take responsibility, are better suited to fish because they understand and understand the needs of the animals. There are a lot of things to consider about fish. The priority is to monitor the water values, because depending on which fish are kept in the aquarium, the values ​​have to be adjusted.

The temperature of the water also plays an important role. A young child should not be expected to clean an aquarium, as this is a task that requires some skill and must be handled with care so that the animals do not become stressed. Feeding the fish is generally not a problem for children. In general, fish should only be considered as pets for older children.

Young children often feel bored at the sight of the aquarium anyway, since fish are animals that are only beautiful to look at and offer no activities. Playing and petting the animals is no longer necessary, which in many cases also applies to the interest of small children.

Feathery friends - birds

Another pet that is suitable for children is birds. Like rodents, the birds are kept in a cage. However, these animals are less suitable for cuddling or playing. For this reason, especially small children are rather uninterested in a bird as a pet. Birds like budgerigars prove to be extremely advantageous especially in terms of care, because the animals are easy to care for.

Here, too, it is important to ensure that the animals have sufficient food and fresh water available every day. Cleaning the cage is also an important aspect. These tasks are easy for children to do, and therefore a bird is a suitable pet for children from this point of view.

Animals from the shelter

Many parents are faced with the decision of whether to take a young or orphan animal from the shelter into the family. The animals from the animal shelter are often an extremely sensitive subject, as they are often animals that have a negative past and may have had bad experiences with their previous owners.

With such animals in particular, two considerations should be made as to whether they should be included in a household with small children. This mainly applies to dogs. Of course, animals can also be found in the animal shelter, which are well suited for children and have been delivered to the home for completely different reasons. In dogs, it is possible to walk the animals for a few days on a trial basis. This way children and dogs can get a little closer and it is easier to assess whether the chemistry is right.

Smaller animals are largely straightforward in this regard. With an animal from the animal shelter, there is a great advantage in many cases, because the animals are often very grateful and prove to be loyal companions, which is particularly popular with children. Of course, the animals should be given the chance to take the time to accept the family. This must be made clear to young children so that they can live together.

This gives both sides the chance to make friends with each other during the settling-in period. However, not only the offspring can be made happy by taking an animal from the animal shelter into their own home. The animal will also be pleased to have its own home, owner and owner.

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