Earrings for children - from what age?

Earrings on toddlers can look very cute, but you should use a bit of common sense before having your child's ears pierced at this age.

Earrings for toddlers already?

Small children often play around with the plugs and the risk that children swallow the earrings or the plug is not insignificant.

Earrings for kids? - Picture of _Alicja_ on Pixabay

There is also a risk of a nickel allergy because the younger the child, the higher the risk. Especially with a nickel allergy, the age of first contact and the material (what percentage of the jewelry is made of nickel) play a decisive role.

Although earrings for children have not been allowed to exceed a certain percentage of nickel for a while now, many experts are of the opinion that even this proportion set by the legislator is too high. In addition, as a parent, you have no real control over it and have to rely on the seller's judgment when it comes to medical earrings for children.

Earrings for children - which age makes sense?

In general, the following applies to earrings for children: the older, the better. But children can be very persistent if they want to get their wishes through.

School enrollment should be the earliest time you want your child to have earrings. kidergarten children can seriously injure themselves while playing if they get caught on something with the earring, in the worst case the earlobe tears through. Reputable jewelers who pierce earrings always ask about the age of the child and advise against it if children are too young.

Find out more at various shops, ask about the nickel content and especially about the subsequent care of the ear hole.

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