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Is online shopping available? In principle, humans can become addicted to everything they encounter in their daily lives. From television as well as from alcohol, cigarettes or food. Of course, since the internet age, too.

Online addiction

An addiction is always characterized in that the addict can not live without the narcotic substance, in this case the Internet. This addiction to be online can have many faces and is different in boys and girls. One in seven Internet users today is allegedly affected by this addiction. Meanwhile, the online addiction is officially recognized as a disease.

Online addiction for children
Is my child online addicted?

Online sex comparison

Depending on what is the reason for the online addiction, other behaviors are in the foreground. However, the fact is that male sex tends to be dominated by excessive online play.

Whether games of chance or war is not important here, it is more about the excessive character of playing on the computer.

Women and girls are more likely to be on forums all the time, sharing platforms and chatting non-stop. The computer is in operation around the clock, nothing works without it.

Of course, the boundaries between addiction and frequent use are initially fluid, so you can see the online addiction for a long time as such. However, if you are sitting on the computer until late into the night, you are little asleep, who starts eating his meals in front of the computer, who neglects friends and withdraws more and more to live in the virtual world, rather than in reality, is potentially online addicted or at risk of becoming it.

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Symptoms and reasons for online addiction

Also physical discomfort brings the online addiction with it. In addition to eye problems can also back pain and tension occur, resulting from many sitting. The body care is greatly neglected as with other addictions. This can even go as far as neglect.

Mostly behind the online addiction is another mental disorder, because the online addiction is not an independent disease. Online addiction is often associated with depressive symptoms, with anxiety disorders and other personality disorders, is a symptom of one of these diseases, so to speak.

Reality seems too uncertain, only the virtual world gives security. The self-esteem of online addicts, like that of other addicts, is often weak. If the computer is shut down, or is unable to use the Internet, symptoms such as irritability, restlessness, and depression appear.

How can you treat online addiction?

As with all other addictions, the admission of addiction comes first.

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Online addiction for adults

Once online addiction has been recognized and acknowledged, it often helps to consult an expert to research the true cause of the addiction, that is, one of the above-mentioned mental disorders.

If this is treated, the online addiction also takes a back seat. The patient must realize that the Internet can not solve his problems.

At the beginning, it also helps to cut down the Internet time step by step to do everyday things: gardening, taking a walk, eating out, meeting friends.

This normal behavior must be learned literally. Self-help groups can be of great help during this time and beyond.

Is my child online addicted?

Whether your own child is affected by this addiction can be recognized by the above symptoms, at least it can be inferred whether there is a risk. Be vigilant and make a note of the times your child spends on the Internet. That alone is very meaningful.

If you have concerns, an appointment with a specialist can be helpful. Furthermore, you should of course regulate the consumption and make sure that your child is doing sports and a lot of peers together, of course, without the Internet to use! Anyone who has a lively social life is rarely addicted!