Optical illusions & impossible figures

Coloring pages are a great pastime for kids of all ages. On our website you will find many different motives on different topics. Drawings of optical illusions and impossible figures, called paradoxes, fascinate every child.

Optical illusions & impossible figures

Optical illusions designate as a collective term all aspects of human vision. On the one hand, this can happen when we see things differently from what they really are by way of a certain representation, when different people in the same template recognize other things, or when things are drawn in a way that they can never occur in their habitual environment and our brain gets confused by it.

Browse paradoxes and optical illusions in our free small collection. Click on the link to go to the page with the corresponding template:

Faces or VaseOptical Illusion – ParallelOptical Illusion Circle
Three or four?Impossible TriangleImpossible Circle
Impossible FigureImpossible stairs


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