Optical illusions & impossible figures

Coloring pages are a great pastime for kids of all ages. On our website you will find many different motives on different topics: Drawings of optical illusions as well as impossible figures, so-called paradoxes, fascinate every child.

Optical illusions and impossible figures

Eye of a woman in closeup
Optical illusions - illusions

Optical illusions refer to all aspects of false human seeing as a collective term.

This can happen, on the one hand, when we see things differently from what they really are through a particular way of representing.

Or different people in the same template recognize other things or just things are drawn in a way that they can never occur in the familiar environment and our brain is confused.

Have fun with our optical illusions. Click on the link to go to the page with the corresponding template:

Optical illusion

Which line is longer?

Which line is longer?

Which line is longer?

Which figure is taller than the others?

Which circle is bigger

Which circle is bigger

Parallel or crooked?

Optical illusion
parallel lines

Parallel or wrong

Parallel or not?

What do you see?

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Faces or vase

Three or four bars?

Optical illusion - what do you see?

Impossible figures

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Impossible stairs

Impossible triangle

Impossible circle

Impossible figure

Something is moving there?

In the pictures below, there always seems to be something moving, look closely! Click on the pictures to enlarge the pictures:

optical illusion circle tails

These circles are moving .... Not

If one looks at this image in a concentrated way, human vision gains the impression of moving circular formations. Of course, nothing moves in this picture!

Psychedelic Pulse


Again, our brain plays a trick on us in interaction with our eyes: the optical illusion consists in an imaginary pulsation of the pattern.

Further optical illusions

Kanizsa square

Kanisza Square - Seeing something that is not there

Even though we believe it is quite clear with our own eyes: there is no square in the middle, our brain structures the image looking at familiar patterns. This phenomenon is known as "Kanisza Square".

Optical Ilusion

That's all totally wrong?

Really? Believe it or not, the cross lines are absolutely parallel. You can measure this or, by focusing on two separate lines, you can see that all the lines are parallel.

Optical illusion for adults

Children see something quite different than most adults ...

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