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Keeping order in the children's wardrobe is a challenge. The clothes are small, but there is a lot of it. Because children grow fast and then need new things. In addition, children still have to learn why regular cleaning up is important and sensible. But with the right approach and the help of the little ones, you can manage to keep the closet neat.

Muck in the wardrobe

Before you can start creating order, you should first empty the cupboard properly.

Clean the wardrobe in the nursery
Clean the wardrobe in the nursery

Anything that is no longer needed or no longer likes is disposed of. There are several ways in which the cabinet can be effectively mended and cleaned up.

For example, with the 3 crate method, you sort all garments into containers labeled "Keep," "Useful," and "Throw away." You can then decide whether you want to sell, give away, throw away or give away the sorted out clothes in the old clothes collection.

Although this process creates more disorder at first, it makes it possible to completely reorganize the contents of the wardrobe. You can also use the time to wipe the empty cupboard.

Tips for an orderly wardrobe

An effective strategy to avoid chaos is not to let it happen. Of course this is difficult with children. That's why the contents of the cupboard should be designed to be child-friendly and practical, so that everything has its regular place:

  • Sort the clothes by variety and store trousers in one pocket, T-shirts in another.
  • For example, use different boxes to store shoes, pajamas, scarves or bathing suits. To make it easier for you and the children, you can label them.
  • Winter items that are not needed in summer and vice versa can be stored in closed boxes on or in the cupboard. So they are also protected against moth infestation.
  • For clothes that have been worn but do not need to be washed, you can create a separate space. For example, in the form of a chair, a clothes rail or several hooks on the cabinet side or wall. The garments can then be worn again the next day or be put back in the cupboard.
  • Also recommended is a laundry basket in the nursery. Dirty parts are then not messy around.

Include the children when cleaning up

Especially small children have to learn how keeping order works. As a parent, you can support your offspring. Parents are always a role model, even when tidying up. It is therefore important for the children to live a certain basic order. Consequence and clear messages are still very important even in school age, so that the children know exactly what to do.

In order for the sprouts to keep order in their closet over time, they must be able to reach the content. Clothes that are needed every day, should therefore not be in the top tray. With hangers in child-sized size, the little ones can handle better. It is easier for them to hang clothes and jackets themselves. There are also cabinet systems that are specifically designed for children and their size.

Keep the order

Once a certain order is in place, it is easier for the children to maintain it. Because they can orient themselves on the established system in the cabinet. Keeping things organized is an ongoing process. Children grow and develop quickly, so new garments are needed at short intervals.

Therefore it is recommended to establish rules for tidying up, for example by a fixed day on which the cupboard is cleaned. Besides, like the 5-S method suggests postponing photos of the ideal state after mucking out, sorting and cleaning the closet. The children can orient themselves on this, if they make themselves clean up.

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