Parrots as pets

Parrots are considered one of the most beautiful bird species in the world. Up to 350 species can be distinguished, including 850 subspecies. The variety of birds can now be admired all over the world, so these are becoming more popular and often considered as pets because of their beauty.

Housing - Care - Employment - Diet of parrots

The birds are native to Australia, America or New Guinea but can be kept all over the world and grow to 100 years old. But is the parrot attitude really an alternative to dogs, cats or guinea pig husbandry?

Are parrots suitable as pets?

For birds of all kinds, keeping a cage can never really be a species-appropriate attitude. Nevertheless, this is inevitable for most bird owners. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to a large enough aviary, cages that are smaller than 4 meters long and 2 meters wide, as well as high, can be animal cruelty and possibly serve as a place to sleep.

In fact, a parrot attitude can only be true to the species when the birds have a large outdoor aviary, including a large heated shelter.

Unlike with dogs or cats, these birds must also be careful of the right humidity in the room. Even in winter, this must be at least 60 percent.

Who has many plants in the room can thus contribute to increased humidity. In addition, the parrots can be sprayed several times a day with a little water. If the humidity is too low, the parrots can get serious lung disease and eventually die.

Species-appropriate attitude of parrots in real aviaries

The interior of the aviaries are enormously important. Plastic, or beech wood perches should be replaced by natural branches, such as fruit trees, willows or lime trees. The barks are softer and the rods are not too even. Thus, inflammation of the feet can be prevented.

Also, the sand in the aviary floors should not be dusty, instead, is a reason of newspaper, which should be changed daily. Also beechwood shreds are suitable as a covering.

In order to avoid a heavy metal poisoning in the parrots, which can be triggered by constant nibble at everything, the aviaries should have no powder coating or paint. Aviaries made of stainless steel are better suited.

Food for parrots

The commercially available grain feed for parrots is suitable for nutrition. However, attention should be paid here to a supplementary feeding. Fruits and vegetables can be provided daily to the parrots. Almost all varieties are suitable and popular.

Parrots as pets
Parrots as pets

By nature, parrots are not pure grain eaters but need constant access to fruits. The burden of mold spores in the grain feeds should also be reduced extra. For a sieve and water is suitable. The food can be slightly moisturized, but must be renewed at least twice a day. For a sufficient water supply still mineral water should be bought. Tap water would contain too much sodium and severely damage the parrot's kidneys.

Daily free flight should be part of the daytime program to keep the parrots healthy. Birds that can not fly will quickly get sick, get abscesses or lung disease.

Parrots are sociable animals

If you want to buy a parrot, but do not know that parrots are very sociable animals, should consider the purchase again. Forcing a parrot to stand alone can be fatal to the parrot. The parrots can start from serious depression to refuse to feed and eventually become totally lonely and die.

However, not different species of parrots should be kept, but preferably the same genus should be chosen. No matter how much the parrot is employed by humans, they are not a substitute. There are many job opportunities for parrots, because they are among the most intelligent animals.

The learning of tricks requires the head. In books or on the Internet you will find many tips and tricks around the employment opportunities of parrots.

Warning of hand rearing

Unfortunately, this species is very popular for keeping house birds. Of course, owners want the animals to be as tame and affectionate as possible. Nevertheless, it can develop significant behavioral problems and even misprints are possible. These can show, for example, in the self-mutilation, if this plucked the feathers and literally crazy.

Some hand-reared parrots can even become very aggressive towards humans. Caution should be exercised especially with amazons, cockatoos and macaws.

Those who are concerned about the welfare of the parrot should do themselves and the parrot a favor and buy one who already knows life in the groups and was raised by the parent animals. Even such parrots can become tame with much patience and calm.

Are parrots suitable for children?

For children, a parrot is rather not suitable. Even the most delicate parrots can cause injuries with their beaks. In addition, noisy childrens crying and a rather hectic everyday life can stress the animals permanently. In addition, a truly species-appropriate attitude is a costly affair and must be considered, especially as parrots can become very old and it is quite possible that these birds survive themselves. The further supply should therefore be guaranteed.