Tinker paper planes - folding instructions

Folding paper planes is not only a big challenge for children. Not only because you keep asking yourself "How did that work again" and then somehow you can only fold this one paper plane, but it is also the subtleties that decide how a good paper airplane flies.

Instructions for folding paper planes

With our instructions for making tried and tested paper planes, you can fold several planes that basically also fly well. The subtleties - like inserting a notch in the back or providing better flight behavior with flaps - have to be set individually on the fully folded paper plane. But the folders all fly. You can print out each paper flyer folding guide for free!

Paper airplane folding instruction

Paper planes fold

Paper airplane tinker with folding instructions

Folding instruction paper plane

Paper planes fold folding instructions

Paper airplane folding instruction

Folding Guide Paper plane folding

Instructions Fold paper planes

Paper pilots fold instructions for printing

Paper plane folding guide

Instructions paper planes fold to print

Paper planes fold


All instructions for folding paper airplanes are of course free of charge.


Please contact us if you are looking for a special motif for a coloring page. Or are you missing further instructions for handicrafts?

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