Fold paper ship | Tinker paper boat

Folding paper boats - a classic when you ask children and adults again and again someone “how did that go again?”.

Fold paper ship in a few steps

With our online instructions you can easily fold a paper boat yourself. For anyone who doesn't want to search online every time, we are adding the instructions below to print them out free of charge:

First of all, fold the sheet of paper down in the middle

Then fold the upper corners to the middle

Fold both lower edges upwards

Then fold one corner forward and the other corner back

Open the "triangle" that has now been created and place the corners on top of one another

Now fold the lower corners up

Then press the corners together

Pull apart as shown here

And the boat is ready.

If you fold a very large piece of paper, you have now also folded a hat


Even if this looks complex from the 6th step on, but once you have the folded paper in front of you, it is very easy.

Paper ship folding instructions for printing

A click on the drawing opens the folding instructions in pdf format:

Fold the paper boat - make a paper boat
Instructions to fold the paper boat - make a paper boat


Folding instructions as a graphic in large format


Do you have questions, suggestions or criticism? Are you missing instructions or a coloring page? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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