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Fragrances are the messengers of thoughts and emotions. They serve to underline one's own personality. A perfume is therefore not only a fashion accessory, but also reflects a part of its own character. Many miss something when they have not put on a scent. But which scent is the right one?

Perfume - Always the right fragrance

When you enter a perfumery, you can almost kill the extensive assortment of different fragrances. There are flowery and imaginative fragrances for ladies, sensual musk notes for the gentleman or creations for both sexes.

The perfect perfume
The perfect perfume - © Tasha Sinchuk / Adobe Stock

It usually crystallizes within a few minutes which fragrance is the perfect one for you. Because everyone has a completely natural feeling when evaluating fragrances and can quickly determine which one suits their own person. The fragrance of a perfume only really unfolds when it comes into contact with the skin.

Since the same fragrance on the skin reacts differently to each person, a very individual and therefore personal note is always created.

Fragrances for every occasion

To make the decision in the perfumery easier, the manufacturers of the different fragrances adhere to certain patterns in their packaging.

As a result, red flacons generally contain far-eastern fragrances, while blue or silver-metallic packaging promises a fresh and invigorating fragrance.

Restrained colors are reserved for light and sensual fragrances. The strong green or brown packaging appeals to the gentlemen who can expect a tart note here.

The wide range of fragrances that is available to everyone today has triggered a real collector boom in some people. On average, each of us has between three and four scents today. These are then varied depending on the mood of the day.

In addition, the scent should also be adapted to the situations that you will encounter. In the office, the use of a light, subtle and fresh fragrance is recommended, whereas in the evening a heavier note can be worn.

The wrists and neck are the classic areas where a perfume is applied. But the hair is an excellent fragrance carrier and should be included.

There is a suitable fragrance for practically every situation

There are even special nuances for visiting the beach or the gym. A consultation in perfumery helps you make the right choice.

Today there are scents for both sexes like sand by the sea. It is not always important to buy fragrances from major brands. Often there is a fragrance in the drugstore or in the supermarket that fits perfectly to yourself and is available for a few euros. Basically, it's always worth comparing prices.

If it should be a very high quality product, an offer in an online shop can be cheaper than in a local perfumery.

No matter which fragrance it finally gets, the rule of thumb always applies: less is more!

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