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With a certain dose of humor, you can always go through life positively and master some difficult situations with a smile or a hearty laugh. And a happy person automatically looks more beautiful and personable to others.

Partner jokes

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It has also been proven that even an artificially created smile leads to a better mood. It is therefore important to never lose your sense of humor and to get used to positive thinking and extensive laughter for a better quality of life.

It has been proven that laughter is healthy and promotes positive thinking.

Even if it doesn't seem like a reason to laugh at all, it's worth trying. Because the laughing muscles are hardly tense, the face brightens and looks much friendlier.

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Partner jokes
I look like a pig

Partner jokes
You don't look good. Yes, I'm ill

Partner jokes
Do you have milk?

Partner jokes
Do we exchange phone numbers?

Partner jokes

Partner jokes
What do you like more about me?

Partner jokes
Would you refuse to stay with me?

Partnerwitz - Make a compliment again
Compliment me again


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