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In many relationships the moment comes one day when the partners no longer want to live in different apartments. This is the time when the partners toy with the idea of ​​giving up their own apartments in order to find a common home in which they can live together without being separated from one another.

Move in with your partner

Moving in together is of course a big step in any relationship, because it shows the partners that they would like to spend the entire day with their partner. As soon as the time is reached when the partners want to move in together, there are a few things to consider, because in this step many things have to be done before the partners can finally live together.

Live with your partner
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First of all, of course, it is necessary to find a suitable apartment that both partners like. Then it is a matter of planning the furnishing of the new apartment and, if necessary, buying furniture to furnish the apartment.

After the new home has been designed according to your own wishes, the familiarization phase can begin, because of course it can take a while for both partners to get used to the new living conditions.

But as soon as this is done, the couple can enjoy the new living situation to the fullest and life together in the apartment can begin. The desire to move in with the partner is an exciting experience and shows how strong the feelings are for the other person. Before you can enjoy living together, it is first of all a matter of locating your future apartment.

Looking for a suitable apartment

If a couple wants to move in together, there can be some problems when looking for a shared apartment, because it is not uncommon for the partners to have different ideas about the new apartment. It is therefore possible that compromises have to be made when looking for an apartment. In many cases this is unavoidable.

The search for an apartment can mean that a couple has to look at several residential properties at the same time until a decision can be made as to which apartment is best suited for the couple to live together. Of course, it makes sense if both partners always look at the apartments and discuss whether the apartment is suitable for living together or not, because of course both partners must agree to the apartment.

It makes sense to talk to yourself about your wishes for the new apartment before viewing the apartment. This way, the couple can discuss which things are important for the new home.

Of course, there are different ways in which a shared apartment can be found. There are many apartment advertisements on the Internet and in the newspapers, so that the search for an apartment is largely simplified. In addition to the apartment, the couple must of course also agree on the place of residence.

Especially if the partners are based in different places, a discussion is necessary in order to decide in which place the new apartment should be. Here it may be necessary for a partner to have to leave their home to move to a new place. Of course, moving in together can also lead to both partners leaving their home and moving to a new town together.

However, there is another option. Of course, it is also possible for one of the partners to simply move into the other's apartment. This way there is no need to look for a new apartment. Instead, the couple can focus directly on the next steps involved in contracting.

As soon as the search for an apartment has been crowned with success or it has been decided whether the partners simply choose one of their existing apartments to live in together, further plans can be forged, because of course there are many more things that the couple is concerned about has to take care of when it wants to move in together.

Planning in terms of furnishings

The furnishing of an apartment is of course always very important, because it ensures that a pleasant feeling of living can arise. This enables the couple to feel comfortable in the apartment, which is particularly useful in the early days of living together to get used to the new situation.

As soon as it has been decided which apartment will serve as the new home in the future, the couple knows what the apartment will look like and accordingly there is the possibility of making initial plans regarding the furnishings.

The partners can advise each other exactly how the apartment should look after moving in. After all, there are many aspects to consider here. The respective partners usually want to take some items with them from their old apartments in order to ensure that familiar things are in the new apartment.

Of course, it makes sense to discuss which items will be transferred to the new apartment. When planning the furnishing, it can also happen that the partners decide to dispose of some items, as there is no space for these items in the apartment.

As a replacement, it is possible to buy new furniture. Both partners can decide which furniture should serve as furnishing for the apartment in the future. The planning of the interior is an important phase because this is where the couple thinks about what the apartment will look like later.

The process of buying furniture together

Another important step in moving a couple in together is buying furniture. When choosing new furniture, both partners should be involved, if possible, to ensure that everyone agrees with the furniture that will later be in the apartment.

Of course there are various shops where furniture can be bought. Couples who do not want to go to different shops in order to have bought all the furniture at the end of the day can visit a furniture store, because there is usually a variety of different furniture to be found, so that there is a good selection.

During a day in the furniture store, couples can take their time and visit the various departments. Since numerous furniture stores offer a large selection, it is advisable to plan an appropriate amount of time for a visit to a furniture store. It makes sense if the couple draws up a list of the furniture that is needed for the shared apartment before visiting the furniture store.

During the day, the couple can look around a little and choose furniture that fits well into the new apartment. Of course, the new furniture should please both partners. Buying furniture is also an important phase in moving in, because this is where the partners decide which furnishings they would like to have in their apartment.

When a couple moves in together, the partners may also have to sort out some items from their old household, as there may not be enough space in the new apartment or the partner does not like a special item.

In this case, the couple can sit down and discuss in peace which furniture should not be taken over into the common home. After all the furniture for the new home has been selected, you can begin to furnish the apartment in such a way that it suits both partners.

Design the apartment according to your own wishes

The design of the apartment is a very special task, because here the couple has the chance to furnish the apartment in such a way that a great feeling of living is created. When furnishing the apartment, it is important to ensure that the wishes of both partners are taken into account so that both partners are satisfied with the apartment and would like to live in it.

Before the couple can move into the common apartment, the furniture must first be brought into the new home. Then it is possible to put the furniture in the designated places. After the furniture is in place, decorative work can be done in the apartment.

With the right decorative items, it is possible for a couple to create a nice living atmosphere in order to feel even more comfortable in their new home. The decoration gives the couple the opportunity to set personal accents in the apartment and to take into account the tastes of both partners.

From looking for an apartment to the point at which the apartment can be designed according to your own wishes, it is quite possible that some time can pass. But after the apartment has been found and completely furnished according to their own wishes, the couple can move in together. Especially in the initial period it is important to get used to the new living situation.

The acclimatization phase in the couple's first shared apartment

First of all, the partners may need some time to get used to living together. After all, it is unfamiliar to live permanently with your partner. Especially in the first few weeks it can happen that some compromises have to be made.

However, this is part of living together and can only be avoided in a few exceptional cases. In the acclimatization phase, it is important to show consideration for your partner, because living together in a shared apartment naturally changes life in a relationship significantly. The acclimatization phase can also bring about conflicts, which can often be resolved through discussions in order to create a relaxed living atmosphere again. When moving in with your partner, you should definitely allow for a certain period of time to get used to it. How long this familiarization phase takes varies from case to case.

Some couples get used to living together very quickly, while other couples need more time to cope with the new situation. However, once the settling-in period is over, a couple can really enjoy life for two.

Enjoy life together as a couple

After the acclimatization phase, there comes a time when the two partners have got used to living together and can enjoy it, because of course it is a wonderful thing when the time comes when a couple lives together in an apartment.

The preparations and the move can be a lot of stress, but once it's over, calm returns and the couple has the opportunity to concentrate on living together and benefit from the advantages that make up a shared apartment .

The partners now have the chance to spend more time together and can spend their free time together. Life as a couple is not always easy, but it also offers a lot of benefits for both partners. Moving in together is an exciting experience in any relationship and definitely involves some changes. After all, living together is the beginning of a new chapter in a relationship.

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