Plants, shrubs, grass and trees - they are all part of our beautiful nature. For many people, they are an expression of beauty and create a relaxed environment, even in the hectic everyday life of the 21. Century.

Plants - The most beautiful sides of nature

Just look at the big cities of our planet. Even in New York City, in some ways the "mother" of all major cities, there is a huge green oasis of well-being in the form of Central Park.

Nature - garden and plants

The fact that a huge area in one of the most popular cities in the world is used for an oversized park, and thus no further construction space for offices and lofts, illustrates the importance of plants and of nature in general.

But back from New York City to cities and villages of our own country. Many people attach great importance to a garden and a green environment when looking for a home or a house. No wonder, after all, you feel very comfortable in the midst of a blossoming garden landscape, you relax and forget the worries of stressful everyday life.

The seasons - a marvel of nature

But not only the summer makes our hearts beat faster. Every season has its own charm and charm. Snowy meadows and trees in winter follow a sea of ​​yellow, orange and red in autumn. When the days get warmer again, the first buds sprout from the bare trees and the first plants begin to unfold their beauty.

And even in our own four walls, we are only reluctant to do without a bit of nature. Starting with small potted plants over aquatic plants in the aquarium to palm-high palms, almost every one of us has plants as decoration in our own home. Wholly on nature, even if it is just an artificial replica in the form of artificial plants, only a few of us want to do without.

Photos of plants - enjoy nature on call

Not for nothing, many souvenir photos are also made in the colorful nature. But even images that only immortalize our beautiful nature, have a very special appeal and are not only in many of our apartments. Especially on the computer or smartphone photos of our charming plants and trees are only too happy to use.

For this reason, we are pleased to present a nice selection of photos of plants below.

Of course, photos can not completely replace real nature. If you want to experience the colorful and varied spectacle of our nature in its fullest, you should just go to the fresh air. However, the photos of plants on our site are ideal for the cold and gloomy seasons and can also bring a bit of nature home to people from the big city who do not live in the countryside.

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