Pin-up coloring pages

Pin-up photos and drawings mostly show women in erotic poses. The models shown are only lightly dressed, if at all, and willingly present themselves to the eyes of the beholder. Certainly no longer contemporary art, but still an epoch of drawing and photographic history,

Pin-up drawings

They can look at the observer provocatively, lean forward slightly or look back and lean back seductively. The women depicted unmistakably signal sexual interest through the facial expressions and posture shown. One of the motifs of the pin-up illustration can be to provoke the excitement presented to the viewer.

Although now also pin-up representations of men exist, referred to the term initially only pictures of women. Later, the short form "pin-up" became synonymous with the pictured model itself.

Pin up coloring pages for adults

The name was originally created because in the initial heyday of the pin-up, during the Second World War, the pictures of the women depicted were a constant companion of their enthusiastic admirers.  Clicking on a link opens the selected pin-up template:

Pin-up template woman

Pin-up woman on a rope

Pin-up template woman on chair

Pin up woman on chair

Pin-up woman template for coloring

Pinup model

Retro woman pin up template

Pin-up model retro

Pin-up coloring page woman winks

Pin-up template

Pin-up girl topless

Pin-Up Girl


Pin-ups were transported from place to place and fixed to the wall in new places with nails or rice pens. The typical way of hanging the picture, described by the English "to pin up" (German: "tack"), gave the picture genre its name. It can often be read that pin-up pictures were omnipresent in the lockers of stationed American soldiers.

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