Poems about children

Quotes about children are always very nice to read, but loving and emotional poems about children are still one step higher.

Poems about children

You do not have to have children yourself to find our following poems beautiful. Enjoy reading the following poems about children.

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Dear children

Beautiful emotional poems about children
Poems about children

The strands that connect us
are visible, palpable, infinite.
We marvel every day and find
always new talents in you.

So you open our eyes,
shows us the warmth of the heart.
Hard to believe sometimes
how true and wise you are.

You build stories and pictures
of castles, tree house, sea.
The inexhaustible, deep "we"
that describes us and our unity.

Some days we do not understand it,
but you show us real life.
Thanks to you we experience the pure light,
that also awakens in us the aspiration.

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Common moments

Poem about children
Common Moments - poem about children

So many things begin, continue, pass away.
Determined by the passage of time, which never stands.
So many are still first steps for you,
You grow and discover, you expand the view.

So much demands of everyday life from us.
We are overwhelmed by work and art
may lie in it, the gift of the moment
to discover - what unites, not what separates.

Although time determines many things
and you no longer hear many sounds,
Let's put the work aside.
She does not run away, not at five or seven

Let's enjoy the rainbow
its light is reminiscent of dancing waves.
Your growth is steady, everything seems possible.
Such a moment is significant, conciliatory.

(c) Anya Rybe

Butterfly / How happened to me

Children and parents in the poem
Beautiful poems about parents and children

From one to the next day
it was shrill and raging, I was startled.

The room is surrounded by many steps,
from their lutes, their kicks.
How is a tiny creature
so impetuous, so loud?

With all the noise that adorned everything
I almost thought I was going crazy.
Because every day was like a party
because my head turned on its own.

After the years go by
hides my inner happening.
As much as I found myself safe
in the colorful Chaos Children's Land.

From one to the next day
it had become quiet, I am able
little believe how it went
Year after year, my butterfly.

Now you fly on, I long for it
all your joy, every scene.
From one to the next year
I understand, as happened to me.

(c) Anya Rybe

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