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Generally, politics is defined as regulation of the affairs of a community through decisions. Any influence or enforcement of goals and decisions in the private or public sphere can be described as a policy. Mostly the term in our society is referred to the public sphere.

What is politics and why is politics important?

Thus, the public life of the citizen, all acts of leading a community as well as actions with other communities is to be called politics.

In general, politics refers to structures, processes and contents for controlling a state. Put simply, the laws and rules that make living together are decided by politics.

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The order, the freedom, the peace, the power, the conflicts, the leadership and the system of a state depend on politics. Thus it can be said that politics is the most important instrument of humanity in general.

Politicians are lazy and corrupt?

Politicians who belong to different parties in our state sometimes have a bad reputation, which is because they can not only respond to the needs and desires of a person, but to try to include as many needs and wishes as possible. However, this does not work, because there are different opinions of many people, which can not all be addressed simultaneously.

If a politician in Germany were to respond to the needs of just one person, this would contradict the needs and demands of many other people. For this reason, politicians usually have a worst reputation.

Since the politicians can not respond to the wishes of only one person, Germany is in a democracy in which decisions are made by a majority majority by the Bundestag. The politicians who sit in the Bundestag are elected by the people. Therefore, in every party or every politician, part of the wishes and needs of every citizen, but which can never be fully addressed.

Politk as an instrument of the state

Politics is the most important instrument of a state, because without politics there would only be chaos. If the political system of a state does not work, this ends in a conflict or in a war. For example, civil wars break out on the African continent because the political system in some countries is not working.

A healthy political system ensures fair distribution of money through labor. In addition, this ensures sufficient freedom and allows the opinions of all citizens in the policy flow. It also provides every citizen with equal opportunities for education. A functioning political system is called democracy, in which Germany is also located.

Politk does not affect me

Politics is so important because it depends on the justice of all people of a state. The future of a society or a community also depends on politics. In a democratic system, the voice of the people is included and thus most people feel treated fairly.

For example, in a dictatorship, only one person makes all the important decisions about education, justice, peace, and the order of a community. However, this is not possible and will fail sooner or later because a person can not simultaneously respond to all demands of all people. Since each person is a part of society and thus dependent on it, politics affects every person and is therefore important to every person.

Why is it important to vote

The general election is coming up again? Or it is state election? We should choose people with whom we do not identify, but who somehow trust us to guide us and our country skillfully, socially and economically. This is the principle of democracy, in which elected people care for the common good ... through constant debate and discussion.

Even though political disenchantment is developing in recent years and confidence in politics is declining, it is still elections that give us direct, democratic access to influence. Influence how our society should develop. Influence which people raise their voices for Germany. Influence which values ​​are tracked and represented.

Identify with values ​​of individual parties

It is becoming more and more difficult for me to identify with the values ​​and goals of individual parties, and I too have strong doubts about the still effective functioning of our democracy. But even if I cannot vote for any party or any specific person, I can still signal to Germany and the political community that I am following what they are doing.

Because I do not go to the election, I feed those politicians who want to make us white, Germany is more and more uninterested in the political. A cast vote is a cast vote. What it stands for and what it expresses is interest and attention ... and these are the characteristics of the character expected of an emancipated and critical social citizen.

I also have increasing doubts about the extent to which election results actually reflect a qualitative image of social and political opinion. Still, I'm going to vote. Because my vote that I cast in the election is my vote to influence. Regardless of how far this influence may be. Regardless of the fact that I trust in new, established civic participation processes that will change the political network of relationships in German society. I'm going to vote. Because the free, independent, secret, transparent election is a sign of democracy.

If I choose, I show interest

Interested in what happens to me and my community. After all, the elected representatives have to worry about the well-being of the citizens. If I don't vote, it can also be interpreted as if I don't care who I'm 'governed' by. That is passivity. That is disenchantment with society.

That's what politicians accuse us of. That's what they try to legitimize themselves. To prevent this, it is important to cast your vote.

Whether for a party, a person or as an invalid ballot paper. I myself have the choice of what I want to choose and support. But first I have to go to the polls. Denying election is a denial of one's obligation as a citizen of a state.

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