Pony als Haustier & Reiten lernen | Haustiere

Although the pony attitude in Germany has been known for many years, something similar to a pony wave broke over us. It is often a good thing to give your child a birthday or another occasion a pony, maybe even a Kutschwägelchen.

Child-loving and frugal, but: ponies need a lot of living space

There is nothing wrong with that, because dealing with these magnificent horses can only be profitable for a child. But unfortunately it is badly sinned in the attitude of these little horses, which often borders on animal cruelty. One underestimates the frugal ponies and believes they can get by with a minimum of food and care. They are indeed frugal; but every animal needs a subsistence level in order to live a healthy life in accordance with its species. Also our little ponies.

Little girl rides on a pony
A pony as a pet for children

Right from the beginning, if a city dweller does not have enough land or has a relative in the country, he can not deal with the attitude of ponies. A pony, as I said, needs space - and not even a little. It wants to live on pasture from spring to autumn. In its Nordic homeland it stays out even in the winter months. So it's not a stable horse!

Of course we still need a stable that needs to be big enough to accommodate the winter or storage food (about 30-35 hundredweight of hay). And that requires a lot of space! It also takes a few hundred pounds of oatmeal; because the pony can not live on hay alone.

Furthermore, there is still room for straw to scatter needed, because even a pony wants to be warm and soft. We do not even want to talk about working hours, because you just have to take them to clean the barn daily and sprinkle fresh straw. In addition, the self-evident care of the horse himself with brush and harrow, because otherwise you will soon have a shabby, unsightly animal.

With the purchase of a pretty pony so certain conditions are connected. Do not think that a large garden is enough. At best, this is enough for a few rabbits, but not for a pony.

This note is more for city dwellers than for rural residents, who usually offer better conditions. And those who live near the country may also find a way to accommodate his horse for rent on a farm with pasture.

A pony is fond of children, but not cheap and easy to care for

It should also be remembered that a pony is not cheap. Whether you buy an Icelander, a Shetlander or a Norwegian, you have to count on an animal with about 750 Euro - depending on race, riding and driving stability. In addition, there are stables, supplies, bridles, saddlery, carriage and misting of the hooves with the blacksmith.

Child and pony
Child and pony

However, if you have mastered all these difficulties then you should not hesitate to buy. Do not be tempted to buy a cheap horse. There is usually something behind it. Either the animal is bad or it is not childish, a biter, maybe ill.

It should also be remembered for what purpose you want to buy a pony. For the children's carriage, the smallest shetys are enough. If you want to ride, you have to buy Icelandic or Norwegian. These have a height of about a meter and something above it.

By nature, the ponies are fond of children. One can hardly think of a better picture than children together with a pony. Whether it is riding in the summer, pulling a two-wheeled carriage or being stretched in front of the sled in winter - it is always a true friend of man. If you have a larger garden, you can use this small horse for gardening. According to its size and its feed consumption, it is even superior in performance to the big horses.

Now you might be interested in where to buy a pony. Here you will find various animal magazines that offer ponies in their advertising section. Also in daily newspapers small horses are often offered for sale.

Hilfe, mein Kind will reiten lernen

Insbesondere bei Mädchen steht der Wunsch, Reiten zu lernen, ganz oben auf der Wunschliste. Ein Wunsch, der bei Eltern nicht auf taube Ohren stoßen sollte, denn kaum ein anderer Sport verbindet Bewegung, Lernen von Verantwortungsbewusstsein und Naturverbundenheit so sehr, wie der Reitsport.

Especially girls want to learn how to ride
If the kids want to learn to ride

The beauty of equitation is also, the family comes out together on the weekend and can enjoy nature.

The little pony riders

The youngest get on with pony riding. The Shetland ponies are best suited here, since their small stick size corresponds to the childish proportions. So there is no fear of riding and the fun is from the beginning in the foreground.

The pony is of course still led by the parents or a riding instructor. Of course, the little ones do not have the responsibility for the animal, they just have to learn the movement and become familiar with the animal.

The vaulting

From the 5. Age then it goes on with the vaulting. Here are small tricks on a saddle horse practiced on the lunge. In this way the children playfully lose the fear of falling down.

Vaulting is usually practiced first on a wooden trestle. In the group, children learn to develop team spirit and adapt to a group.

The self-responsible riding

From the 9. Year of life, the child now learns the equestrian preparation such as saddling and bridging and the care of the animal. Now the reins are slowly given to the child in their own hands, so that they learn the first commands. This is often supported by the Longenunterricht.

After about a year, the community rides together. Enthusiastic parents are also learning this sport at the latest. So the next vacation on the riding stable becomes a real pleasure for everyone.