Practical diet tips for losing weight

The variety of diets that promise everyone to lose weight quickly and successfully to achieve the desired figure or weight can cause confusion.

Successful diet tips

Have you ever tried a diet, but the success was rather pitiful? Has the yo-yo effect caught up with you over and over again?

Can you find a thousand reasons not to even start a diet? Either the recipes are complicated, the diet does not offer much variety or the cooking is quite expensive. The discipline falls by the wayside right from the start.

All about the diet
All about the diet - © Dan Race / Adobe Stock

For a diet to be successful, you have to be convinced of the success. It has to be so easy to integrate into everyday life that there is no other way than to keep it up.

Self-control promises success

It is not easy to refuse the delicious cake on a diet. Instead of high-calorie juices, you need to switch to water. It is difficult to be careful when shopping that low-calorie foods are bought.

Many everyday situations tempt you to snack occasionally. And that's not a bad thing. If you want to eat a piece of cake in the afternoon, just eat a salad instead of the usual two cuts of bread in the evening.

Distraction can also be helpful. Just switch off the television in the evening and go for a walk. Maybe leave the car and cycle to work. The best thing would be a diet that is easy to carry out without major changes.

Quick and easy tips to make losing weight work

Use a smaller plate

The meals that are eaten during a diet should of course not be overly large. Just take a smaller plate and your meals will look bigger.

Pots should not be on the table

Once the table is laid, all the pots are on the table. This quickly seduces you into eating, even though you are no longer hungry. Leave the pots in the kitchen.

to go shopping

Write a shopping list and get only the things that are on the slip. Never go hungry for shopping. With hunger more is purchased, that's proven. If you eat some fruit or raw vegetables before, then the stomach has something to process.

Food and television

If you watch TV, don't eat! Activities while eating only distract you and you eat more because the feeling of satiety can only come much later. Especially when eating in front of the TV, the saturation signals are quickly ignored and thus eaten much more than you actually need.

Even with a diet, a piece of cake or a chocolate bar can be nibbled. But just a small piece of cake or just a chocolate bar. Maybe not every day, but every now and then you should treat yourself to something sweet.

How to lose 5 kilos until the next party

Do you want to lose weight? Small number, big problem! We give you tips on how to lose 5 kilos until the next party.

You've probably tried to lose weight a dozen times. The first kilo disappeared quickly from the hips, but if you even look at the delicious piece of cake, have you gained weight again?

Then came the moment when you were desperate because you don't know how to lose 5 kilos until the next party?

Give up now and just keep eating, or are you finally tackling the problem? Decide to fight those annoying extra pounds that make life difficult for you.

Here are our tips so that you can lose 5 kg until the next party

Why do you have 5 kilograms too much on the scale?

Ask yourself this simple question. If you weigh too much, you are eating too much or you are eating the wrong thing.

Write down everything you eat!

Write down every little piece of chocolate or even the biscuit in between, which is immediately forgotten. If you recognize your eating habits, then you are on the right path.

Do you have an appetite or hunger?

If you think now, what kind of question is this, then think about when you were really hungry the last time. Do you still know that?

Mostly we eat because we have an appetite. Appetite for something sweet or something heartfelt. Or we eat out of boredom or because we are really in stress. If you pass a bakery and see the delicious cakes and cookies, can you resist?

Motivate yourself

Motivate yourself and consider how great you will look and how wonderful you will feel when leaning 5 Kilos before you push the next candy bar.


Overcome the inner bastard and find a sport that you enjoy. Your metabolism and fat burning will be boosted by exercise, and losing weight will work faster. You don't have to start doing one hour of exercise every day. Just try to integrate something small into your day: for example, only climbing stairs at work or going shopping on foot.


Enjoy your meals. Cover the table as if you are expecting visitors. Eat slowly and concentrate on every bite. Make any noise, including the TV. You will see, you will get full faster.


Drink a large glass of mineral water before meals. They are faster fed and the water flushes the toxins out of the body.

Low-calorie beverage alternatives

Drinks are the calorie traps that you actually ignore, so don't fall for them, choose low-calorie beverage alternatives.

Beverages are one of the biggest fatteners that you swallow quickly and unconsciously all day long. They bring a lot of extra calories, are not full and are quickly forgotten.

Of course, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice tastes better than a simple glass of mineral water. A café latte with cream is of course a taste sensation and can not be compared to a cup of coffee.

Have you ever thought that a café latte with milk foam has a proud 180 calories but black coffee has no calories? A glass of orange juice from a bag already accounts for 78 calories, with apple juice it is even more. Over the course of the day, a lot of calories accumulate that you actually didn't pay attention to.

Low-calorie beverage alternatives

The human body consists of about 60 percent of water. We can not live without water. Every day our body loses 2,5 liters of water, which has to be replenished.
Those who drink a lot are less hungry. Of course, you should not drink anything now, but consciously opt for the calorie-reduced alternative beverage.

Unsweetened drinks

You can save a lot of calories, especially with drinks. Calories from beverages have a greater impact on weight than energy from solid foods. The calorie-reduced soft drinks, on the other hand, are enriched with artificial sweeteners. However, drinks that are declared as light products are repeatedly discredited. They have the prejudice to make you fat and damage the heart and circulation and are even said to be carcinogenic. Opt for mineral water spiced up with fruit and the juice of a squeezed lemon. There are an infinite number of teas on the market. Find your favorite variety. You can also enjoy a delicious reduced-calorie beverage alternative with water and lime slices and a dash of elderberry syrup.

Alcohol, the biggest fattener

Many who want to lose weight underestimate the calories in drinks, especially in alcohol. Many do not even know that alcohol is one of the calorie bombs. A glass of dry white wine has 144 calories and a small bottle of beer even 142. If you like drinking wine or even beer, then opt for the non-alcoholic version, which has fewer calories but still offers a good taste.

Why drinking for weight loss is so important

If you want to reduce your weight, you always hear from all sides that you should drink a lot. But why drinking is so important when losing weight does not seem to be widely known.
We have found out for you why drinking is so important.

Which drinks are ideal for losing weight?

Water is always the ideal thirst quencher. It also does not have to be expensive mineral water, just enough water from the pipe. But who likes to drink water?

Unsweetened tea in all flavors is also suitable to replenish the amount of fluid in the body. Juice spritzers are also suitable because they still give the body minerals.

How much fluid does the body need?

The body sweats and needs a hydration of up to 2 liters a day. Through sport, sauna and even on hot days, the body needs more liquid to be supplied.

Why does the body need more fluid to lose weight?

If you eat less, your body will also get less fluid. After all, food also contains more or less water. You can cover a part with fruits and vegetables, because there is a lot of water in these foods. You can also partially cover the water requirement of the body with soups. Soups have low calories and plenty of fluids.
When the body attacks the fat pads, toxins are released that have been stored in the fatty tissue. With liquid, the body can flush out these toxins.

Can coffee also fill up the fluid loss?

For years everyone has described coffee as a liquid predator, which you could only really enjoy with a glass of water. In the meantime, new studies have found that this is not the case. If your body is used to caffeine, you can safely drink up to four cups of coffee and count on hydration.

How can you remember drinking?

Many people, mostly the elderly, forget to drink. But hydration is important not only when losing weight but at all ages. What bridges can you build to be constantly reminded of drinking?

  • Try different varieties of mineral water, the market is very rich. Maybe you will find a water that you like best.
  • Always refill your glass immediately. Then you automatically drink more.
  • Try new taste experiences. Mineral water with the juice of a squeezed lemon, or enriched with fruit slices, tastes deliciously refreshing.
  • Remember to drink a large glass of water before each meal. This way you will be full more quickly because the stomach is already a little full.

With our tips, you now know why it is so important to lose weight.

Why crash diets make you fat

Do you know that crash diets have a reputation for harming rather than helping? Then read on, you will be amazed! Why fake crash diets and pretend that we are slim, we have found out for you.

Any of the many diets on the market promise great weight loss in a short amount of time. This is of course very tempting, because who doesn't want to lose weight as quickly as possible? The lasting success is very doubtful, because after a very short time you have the lost pounds back on your hips. We found out why crash diets make you fat.

It is certainly possible to reduce your weight in a very short time, if you do not worry about the consequences and the longer success. Due to water loss of the body, the balance shows less weight after a short time.

Most crash diets are based on very little salt in their recommended foods. If the body gets less salt, then less water is bound in the body. With plenty of vegetables and salad, the body is still a greater amount of potassium supplied, so that water is flushed out of the body.

The recommended amount of food for crash diets is generally very small, so that the stomach and intestines have little content. All of this together leads to a lower body weight. The weight reduction through this type of weight loss comes to a standstill after three weeks at the latest. At some point the body sticks to its remaining water and does not release its fat reserves.

With crash diets, the water is gone, but the fat is still there!

We can now summarize why crash diets make you fat. Any short diet leads to water loss, but not fat loss. Then it is very clear to everyone that after the end of the diet there is a renewed weight gain due to the re-storage of water.

Of course this is very frustrating for everyone. All the joy over the lost pounds is swept away. This is the so-called JoJo effect.

Every diet is a stressful situation for the body. The body prefers to reduce its energy consumption and builds more water and muscle, as fat reserves.

The body automatically goes into alarm by starving. The signs point to a hunger crisis and the body now stores all available energy for survival.

Instead of a crash diet, you should change your diet so that you can achieve and maintain your well-being weight in the long term.
Now you will surely see why crash diets make you fat and only harm your health.

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