Raclette | to eat and drink

Raclette, the food on the hot plate or the hot stone with the associated pans has been a popular party hit for many years. Raclette is not only suitable for the party, but also for the cozy family evening, for the evening with friends, on New Year's Eve or for birthday and many other occasions, the meal with the hot plate in the middle of the table is popular.

Raclette - the cozy and special food

But what makes this type of food preparation so popular? Raclette can be eaten both at lunch and in the evening. It is very suitable for cold weather indoors but also in summer in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony raclette can be consumed. The beauty here is the sociability and the conscious, very individual enjoyment.

Raclette tips
Eat together comfortably

The preparations for the raclettes are very simple, because the actual compilation takes place by the "eater" only directly at the table. Each raclette eater picks his own food, which he wants to put on the raclette or put in the pans.

Raclette also for vegetarians

Whether vegans, vegetarians, meat, fish or sausage eaters, here everyone gets his favorite food. Everything is possible during preparation too. Either one cuts the desired food already in advance pans or the "pancake maker" cuts his desired food himself.

In the pans pretty much everything tastes, whether corn, bacon, onion, mushrooms, shrimp, asparagus, vegetables, small pieces of meat or sausage, garlic - the list could be continued indefinitely. Normally, the ingredients are fried in a pancake with a raclette cheese, but only heated and not baked is possible.

Raclette combines food and conviviality

The great thing about this kind of preparation is sociability. Nobody just sits at the table without a word and eats. Because of the direct preparation at the table there is plenty of opportunity and time to talk, which makes the raclette so popular especially in larger companies or within the family.

There are no strict rules in the preparation but there are also some things to consider in raclette. Raclette means preparation at the table, that is - the ingredients should not have too long cooking or baking time.

In addition, the food should not give off too much water or need fat to prepare. In this case, it is recommended to pre-cook or roast the food and then only heat on the raclette.

Many know and love it - the raclette

While everyone gregariously sits around the table, the self-made food sizzles on top of the plate or in the pan. This food is fun for all ages. To fit different sauces, salads, dips or other bites.

The raclette not only smells delicious, it also spreads warmth. What many do not know or have not yet come up with the idea - this form of cooking is not only suitable for the preparation of main meals and sweet desserts can be prepared with this household appliance.

raclette grills
Sit together and eat together

For example, figs with honey and cream cheese can be prepared, or Nutella can be heated with a banana. Imagination has no limit to eating this way.

If you do not like regular Raclette cheese, you can also gratinate its pans with Gauda, ​​Edammer or Mozarella, so here, too, there is no limit to your imagination.

A new variant of the raclette are devices with integrated fondue

In the middle of the raclette a fondue pot is incorporated. The variants and possibilities are here again larger. The invention of raclette is already a bit older but its popularity does not stop, and not without reason.

Nowhere else can many different tastes be so united and harmoniously seated at one table and dine in a friendly atmosphere and, as already mentioned, the entertainment is not enough. Here not only is eaten, but the company really enjoyed.