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Children like to play the long day, but are they always meaningful games? From time to time, it may be possible for children to play games that are not promotional or that do not make sense. Parents have the ability to determine and influence children's employment and play opportunities.

Riddles and quizzes for children

Puzzles are a great activity for children of all ages. No matter whether picture puzzles, number puzzles, word games or crossword puzzles: we all like to solve puzzles from an early age. But we don't look behind the facade of puzzles, because puzzles have a lot to offer us humans, especially children.

Who is puzzling, he is concentrating on solving something. Thus, a puzzle or quiz is a great pastime for children. Because, as you know, time goes by faster, if you work concentrated on something, instead of dedicating something meaningless. In childhood, it is also quite common that children can not concentrate too well.

However, when the children come to school, for example, they have to be able to work concentrated. Quizzes and riddles serve precisely this practice of concentrated work. What's more, the fun the kids have with them. Because unlike, for example, arithmetic problems, the quiz and the riddle progress in a playful way, which means that they learn to concentrate on working in a playful way.

This path is often the more pleasant for children and is also a very good pastime. Finally, the children acquire extraordinary knowledge by solving riddles and quizzes. This knowledge then helps them in school and later life and takes them forward.

Puzzles come in a variety of categories, so they learn a lot of different new things they didn't know before.

All in all, editing puzzles and quizzes is highly recommended. This is because loosening and editing is a nice pastime, it promotes concentration and also serves to impart knowledge to the children in a pleasant way.

Riddles to puzzle for children and adults

Clicking on a link opens the page with the respective quiz:

Coloring page The Puss in Boots fairy tale

fairytale Quiz

Guess and color fairy tales

Fairy tales guess from pictures

Farm quiz

The nine point problem with solution

Nine points problem

How many triangles do you see?

How many triangles are here

Riddle - In which direction does the bus travel?

Which direction is the bus going in?

Letter puzzle / word grid / letter salad construction site


Shadow puzzle for children - animals

shadow puzzle

Sudoku for children

Sudoku for children

Mistake girl and animalsTroubleshooting Images

Find the mouse

Solve sequences of numbers

Solve sequences of numbers

Puzzles - polar bears and penguins

Polar bears and penguins

Children's crossword with pictures


Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions for another great puzzle or quiz for children. Maybe we can create something new.

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