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According to a statistic, around 30 percent of smokers still use their cigarettes at the beginning of pregnancy. Of these, half of them manage to keep their hands off the glowing stems during the first months of pregnancy. Smoking during pregnancy has a huge negative impact.

Smoking in pregnancy - there are dramatic consequences

For the rest, about 15 percent, however, the nicotine addiction determines so much the everyday life that they will harm your child willfully.

Smoking in pregnancy damages both mother and fetus
Smoking in pregnancy is taboo!

The first diaper content reveals the smoke load of the mother during pregnancy

As meconium - or colloquially also as Kindspech - scolds the first chair after birth, which is excreted by the baby. This forms already formed from the fourth month of pregnancy. It contains thickened bile, cells of the mucous membrane and swallowed amniotic fluid, which may contain traces of skin cells and hair.

Research has also shown that it can also detect pollutants and drug metabolites that have been consumed during the last 6 months of pregnancy. However, a detailed analysis of the amount of smoke that the mother was exposed to during pregnancy is not possible.

Miscarriage due to smoking during pregnancy

As expected, doctors and experts strongly advise against smoking during pregnancy. In particular, the growth of the fetus is impaired and the risk of premature or, in the worst case, miscarriage is increased in a sustainable way. Furthermore, the risk of malformations such as crippled limbs or organs is increased.

In addition, it has been proven that babies born on smoking pregnant women are on average 200 grams lighter than in a normal pregnancy. This is because, as a result of smoking, the mother's blood vessels narrow.

Thus, the supply via the umbilical cord deteriorates and the baby gets less nutrients and oxygen provided, which has a lasting negative impact on its growth and development. In addition, the risk of a later infection or child death is about twice as high.

Increased cancer risk not only with the smoking mother

Studies have shown that smoking pregnant women reach 13 times a day for a smoldering stings. Extrapolated to the duration of a normal pregnancy of nine months, this results in about 3600 cigarettes. If even the 4000 chemicals contained in the cigarette smoke, which are partly carcinogenic and very toxic, are taken into account, it can be a bad thing.

The fact that smokers take a significantly increased risk for a lot of cancers is long known. But even with the child smoking during pregnancy, the foundation for a subsequent disease is laid on cancer. In this regard, a study by the German Cancer Research Center found that children of mothers who smoked cigarettes during pregnancy are about 1,5 times more likely to have bladder and upper respiratory cancers. In lung cancer it is about 1,7-fold increased and in nasal cancer even tripled.

Completely abstain from smoking in pregnancy

So, the conclusion can only be that pregnant women should absolutely stop smoking. This is not only worthwhile for the unborn baby. The mother will also be able to notice the positive effects of smoking cessation after just a few hours. Thus, after about 20 minutes, a drop in blood pressure and heart rate can be seen. Within eight hours, the carbon monoxide level in the blood already drops markedly. This will also notice the baby quickly, because now it also gets the sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients.

When smoking ban, however, the roommates or life companions and men of pregnant women should not feel unopposed. Also, the passive smoking of the mother can already endanger the child in the womb. Therefore, the household in which the pregnant women stay basically smoke-free. Of course, smoking should be avoided altogether even after pregnancy.