Computing Mandates Elementary School Calculate learning templates

It is helpful if teachers have exercise sheets on hand that they can send to the students, and parents can use these templates to bridge lesson time or add homework.

Arithmetic mandalas - exercise sheets for elementary school

Arithmetic mandals represent a combination of factual exercise sheets and child-friendly templates, the design of which rather motivates you to practice voluntarily, if you are allowed to color in the end.

We would be happy to create additional arithmetic mandalas according to your specifications or provide you with our blank templates. Clicking on a link opens the selected arithmetic mandala:

Computing mandala primary school

Addition & subtraction up to 10

Computing mandala primary school

Addition and subtraction until 20

Computing mandala primary school - multiplication up to 100

Multiplication up to 100

Computing mandala primary school - division up to 100

Division number range up to 100


Are you looking for it after further templates for elementary school students? Do you have specific ideas for a completely new learning template? We are happy to try to implement your ideas and concepts. Or do you have any questions, suggestions or criticism? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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