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The Federal Republic of Germany has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination for many years. This is mainly due to the excellent transport possibilities on site and the variety of sights. Whether holidaymakers, culture or nature lovers, everyone gets their money's worth in this country.

Destination Germany

If you are looking for high-class museums, excellent restaurants and countless opportunities to celebrate, visit one of the four largest cities: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne. Berlin is undoubtedly the cultural metropolis of the country and surprises even regular visitors again and again with their lively, creative atmosphere.

Germany - Alte Oper, Frankfurt am Main
Germany - Alte Oper, Frankfurt am Main

Hamburg, with its world-famous Speicherstadt, offers a luxurious flair, while Munich, the heart of Bavaria, invites you to take a trip to the surrounding area. Cologne in turn captivates with its Rhineland friendliness and Cologne Cathedral, the most visited building in the country.

In Germany you can explore the past millennia on the basis of many relics. Everywhere there are traces of the Romans, such as baths and aqueducts. Particularly well-known here are for example Trier and Xanten.

Furthermore, the country offers unusually many beautiful churches. Especially the Frauenkirche in Dresden and the Aachener Dom have gained international renown. With their impressive stone dome or the Renaissance buildings, they represent special evidence of sacral architecture.

The Middle Ages are also abundantly represented: Germany is famous for its numerous castles and palaces, whose restoration has been and is receiving much attention. Here are especially the castles along the Rhine and the Moselle to call.

The vineyards and hiking trails around the two rivers are among the most romantic in the country, combining relatively easy access to easily accessible attractions. On the other hand, Neuschwanstein Castle, which stands white and venerable on a wooded hill in southern Bavaria, looks as fresh as a fairy tale.

Nature and landscapes in Germany

But even travelers who are looking for natural beauties, do not go out in Germany empty. There are a total of 16 National Parks, which house very different landscapes and ecosystems.

Three of them cover the world-famous Wattenmehr in the north of the country, where guided excursions can be made.

For fans of mountainous landscapes, the Eifel National Park, where the relics of volcanic activity can be viewed, and the Saxon Switzerland with its Elbe sandstone formations are particularly suitable. Last but not least, many national parks include particularly beautiful and extensive forests, for example in the Harz, Black Forest or Hunsrück.

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The land is perfect for professional and amateur photographers. This is not only due to the pleasant climate, but also to the many different motives that can be found.

Last but not least, it is possible to procure spare parts and accessories almost everywhere, and photos can also be developed on-site within a very short time if necessary.