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On the European continent, the most diverse peoples live together with their cultures in a relatively small space. While men and women are celebrating in lederhosen and dirndl at the Bavarian Oktoberfest, the Spaniards will be siesta in the hot midday sun. Where in Europe, the most diverse regions and multiculturalism meet, there beats the heart of every photographer.

Europe: A melting pot of cultures

Many people prefer to spend their holidays in the warmth of the Caribbean or to the North American metropolises. Others discover new cultures in Asia or Africa.

Map Europe for coloring and designing yourself
Map Europe for coloring and designing yourself

However, many travelers forget that even the world on our doorstep has a variety to offer, unlike any other continent in the world.

Dreamscapes in a relaxed atmosphere are offered by Scandinavia. In particular, travelers looking for peace and relaxation to escape their hectic everyday lives are right in the north of Europe.

Whether a photo of a moose in the wild or a panaroma picture of a sunset, which is reflected in one of the many lakes in Scandinavia, breathtaking shots are guaranteed in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

But if the north is still too mild, even in the summer, then you can discover the southern European states. Spain, Italy and Portugal not only have sun and beach to offer but also a fascinating culture and history to be discovered. Far away from the tourist beaches and the huge hotels, travelers in the interior of the country can get to know the respective country from a completely new facet, which excludes an all-inclusive holiday. So how about a small rental apartment in the Pyrenees with some walks and excursions? In any case, numerous opportunities will arise for magnificent pictures.

Of course, European cities also have a lot to offer. Paris and London are relatively close to us Europeans and yet very few people have already seen the cities. While Americans or Asians have to take an expensive intercontinental flight, a trip to the said cities costs us only a few hours and less money.

Mallorca - Between culture, landscape and party island

Of course, photos of the Parisian Eiffel Tower, the Big Ben in London or other sights such as the Roman Coliseum are also ideal for the social media profile, the classic photo album or the home screen.

Even the listed possibilities only reflect a small part of what can actually be discovered in Europe. After all, who knows what it really is like in Iceland, Lithuania or Estonia? The best way to find it out in the next vacation and keeps his memories on photos.

Photos of travel destinations in Europe

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