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Since it is finally in the well-deserved family vacation, but what to do with the beloved fur nose? It is becoming more and more popular to take the dog along on the big journey instead of handing it over to friends, relatives or the dog kennel. But when traveling with a dog must be thought of a lot!

Traveling with a dog - What you should think about

After all, most dogs are a fully integrated member of the family. About every second family is planning an annual dog holiday, which adds a lot more to organization and planning. What you should pay attention to and what must be done and clarified before the holiday, you will find out here.

Dogs in the household
Traveling with the dog

holiday planning

If one does not want to give up the familiar company of the four-legged friend on holiday in foreign countries, one should first think about a suitable destination. Not all countries are eligible here. So that not only humans, but also dog can enjoy the holiday to the fullest, you should therefore deal with the individual needs of all participants.

For dogs, it is more pleasant when it is not so hot and humid. In addition, there should be shade and the dog should be given the opportunity to retire in a dark corner of a holiday home or apartment.

Would you like to take a vacation in a hotel, ask directly if dogs are allowed in the hotel at all. Often, however, this is feasible for a small extra charge.

You should pay more attention to the land. Is the dog allowed there at all? What rules for guiding the dog apply there? How does the journey go - by car, train or even the plane?

Not to be ignored are the entry requirementsthat can vary from country to country. Information can be found here mainly on the websites of the airports (if a trip is due by plane) or the respective Foreign Office. For example, the dog must be vaccinated at least 6 weeks ago against rabies when traveling abroad, the pet passport must then of course be carried along.

Before traveling with the dog

Already a few weeks before the start of the longed-for vacation, you should present your fur nose to your veterinarian and undergo a comprehensive check-up. If vaccinations are still required according to the entry requirements in the holiday country, talk to your vet immediately afterwards.

A good veterinarian will then point you in a conversation on any dangers at the destination / in the destination country and explain what precautions should be taken in the event of any case.

Especially animals abroad are often endangered by diseases that are less likely to be dealt with in Germany. Leishmaniasis, heartworms and ehrlichiosis are just a few of the mosquito and tick-borne diseases that can quickly kill. In this respect: Better caution than forbearance.

Contents for the pet pharmacy

When packing, it is therefore also important to put together a small pet pharmacy, which includes not only the individual medication of your dog, but also some things that may not be missing on vacation:

- ointment
- Sun protection for short-haired dogs
- Tweezers, gauze bandage, sterile compresses
- Tick tweezers
- disinfectant
- Eye and ear drops
- charcoal tablets
- Electrolyte powder
- List of veterinarians and veterinary clinics at the destination

The packing

Yes, not only the human needs a luggage. The dog should, if not necessarily in his own suitcase, have everything that he needs for a relaxed and happy stay. With a previously created checklist you can easily keep track.

Important here - unlike with us people who want to discover a lot of new things on holiday - familiar things that the dog knows and loves from home. This makes it easier for the dog to feel well away from home.

What belongs in the dog luggage?

Dogs on vacation
Dogs on vacation

In dog luggage when traveling with a dog belong mainly:

- usual food, treats, chewing bones
- Food and drink bowl
- Dog basket / pillow / blanket
- Depending on the temperature in the resort cooling mats
- Travel water bottle
- Towel
- toys / stuffed animals
- Pet passport
- Composed travel pharmacy
- Muzzle, if necessary
- Leash, harness, collar
- Address tag with address of apartment / hotel & phone number
- Kotbeutel, dog whistle
- EU pet passport
- Liability insurance documents
- Care for paws, eyes and coat
- life jacket

Have you thought of everything so that your dog can feel just as much on vacation as you do? Is the checklist ticked off and the dog transport box matched to the flight conditions and the pet passport in the purse?

Then we wish you an exciting and great holiday with a dog!

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