Reptiles as pets

It seems like it's an absolute trend and the classic dog or cat is totally out. Now in German households more and more reptiles and our children now want a turtle, a gecko or a tarantula.

The fascination of reptiles - why we like primeval dinosaurs so much

What we're just amused to shake our heads on is actually an option and an alternative to the classic pet. Yes, after all, you have a very special pet in your apartment. But is a reptile really suitable for a household with children or at all?

Reptiles as pets
Are reptiles suitable as pets for children?

It is amazing, but turtles or various kinds of lizards fascinate us, probably because they remind us of long-forgotten times.

In addition, they are completely different in their nature, behave quite contrary to the known pets and are also impressive in appearance.

Yes, reptiles are amazing animals. But suitable as a pet? And for children?

Should we buy a reptile?

Before you think about purchasing a reptile, such as a chameleon or a gecko, you should be aware of some things.

First, a reptile is relatively inactive in nature and colloquially boring to us. If you can not enjoy the look of the reptiles permanently, you will not be happy with them in the long run. Reptiles only move when there is something to eat. In the month of fasting so good as not at all.

Some species of lizard do not even move one meter a day and if so, then only if we do not see it. Children, in particular, should have been quickly fed up with the chilling gecko.

Care and costs of reptiles as a pet

With a reptile you can not cuddle, walk or carry it around. Also, reptiles will never be attracted to humans. You will not need time and energy to teach this trick, it will never learn.

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Also, a reptile never has the need for closeness or would like to be petted by you. It does not seek your attention. On the contrary, get it out of the terrarium, it will be stressed and may never learn that you are not doing anything to it.

Reptiles are expensive, and not just in the acquisition phase. Current electricity costs for any heating lamps must also be calculated. In addition, good terrariums cost several hundred euros, the accessories also and the feed can beat monthly with quite a 50 Euro to book.

If you are not really enthusiastic about reptiles and only occasionally find them interesting, you should not buy a reptile. In addition, reptiles of all kinds are not in the hands of children. Although a turtle will not complain when little Hugo carries her from the living room into the garden, she will not fall in love with it either.