Sleep properly health

Humans spend about a third of their lives sleeping. A good and sufficient sleep is the prerequisite for performance. Poor or insufficient sleep can make you unconcentrated and irritable. The right mattress, slatted frame, bed linen and the right pillow determine how restful and good sleep is.

Sleep properly and healthy

In extreme cases, when the body cannot rest, it can even make you sick. The body recovers during sleep and processes the things of the past day. Metabolic processes are also regenerated. So that all of this can happen, the mattress should fit the body.

Fall asleep properly and sleep through the night
Fall asleep properly and sleep through the night

The right mattress for you

There are many mattresses. Which is the right mattress for you? Hard or better soft? Latex, spring core or better still cold foam mattress? There is a lot to consider when buying a new mattress.

Preferred materials for mattresses are spring core, latex and cold foam.

The innerspring and Bonell innerspring mattress

As the name suggests, a spring mattress consists of many metal springs that are anchored together. With a pocket spring mattress, small fabric bags are placed around the springs. A Bonell spring mattress, on the other hand, only has air between the springs. Both types of mattress dissipate heat and moisture and ensure adequate ventilation. Anyone who sweats a lot at night is well taken care of with this material. The Bonell spring core pad, however, has the disadvantage that it oscillates after turning at night. The pocket core mattress has a higher point elasticity. It supports the body and does not bend.

The cold foam mattresses are made of foam. Also with this material shows a high point elasticity and a good body adaptation. The mattress can wick away moisture and hold warmth. The higher the density of the foam used, the higher the quality of the mattress.
Latex mattresses are high quality and sometimes more expensive. They fit the body perfectly and make for pleasant nights. A disadvantage of this mattress is just the weight. But with help this is not a problem.

Also, the sleeping position is an important criterion when choosing the mattress. Side sleepers are subject to different guidelines than back sleepers.

For mattresses, different lying areas are to be considered. These have at best up to three different degrees of hardness and should adapt to the body. Also weight and size should be adapted to the different degrees of hardness. The mattress thickness should not be felt under any circumstances. Who sleeps in bed for two, should opt for two single mattresses, because every person is lying and sleeping differently, is different sizes and weighs different amounts.

Which type of pillow are you?

Pillows are made of many different materials and the buyer is spoiled for choice. If you want to find out what pillow type you are, there are a few things you should consider.

There are two types of pillow users. Once there are the pillow-Knautscher and on the other there are those who do not touch the pillow and just lie.

With the huge selection of several hundred different pillows in different fillings, the right choice is not easy. The shape of the pillow should be chosen individually. If the pillow is too large, it will raise the spine and the head will not be supported, which will cause the cervical spine to buckle.

With an ideal pillow, only the head is up, not the cervical vertebra. For the smaller pillows are better suited. From an ergonomic point of view, 80 x 80 pillows are so popular only because they are offered with bedding.

Choosing the right pillow is often underestimated. The right pillow can contribute significantly to a restful sleep. The wrong pillow can quickly lead to tension and headaches. If you wake up with pain and tension in the shoulder and neck area, you should choose a different pillow. If the sleeping habits are wrong, the spine may be overstretched. But it can also sag, which is also very unhealthy for the spine.

The ideal pillow size is the one that only covers the head and neck area. As a result, the shoulder can ideally sink into the mattress. Orthopedists recommend a size of 40 x 80 cm to achieve the ideal reclining position.

Lateral, back or stomach sleepers?

More than half of the people sleep on their side. The pillow should fill the shoulder-neck triangle to avoid overstretching or kinking the cervical spine. Even a pillow that is too soft cannot guarantee the necessary load-bearing capacity to support the head.
For back sleepers, a support between the back of the head and shoulder is important. The pillow should not be too high. A neck support pillow can be a pleasant support in the neck and provide relief.

The abdominal sleepers rather need very flat pillows, or forego it from the outset. Due to the lateral head position, the cervical vertebra is heavily loaded and a pillow would bend the spine even more. For the prone position natural hair pillows offer, which have a variable filling.

Comforters for every season

For a restful and rested sleep is the right duvet also very important. If you freeze or sweat faster, you will not find a good night's sleep with a false blanket. Therefore, there are different duvets or blankets for every season. The blankets differ primarily in the filling material.

The summer blanket

Nobody likes to have a thick duvet during the summer nights. At nightly temperatures over 20 degrees, a normal bedspread is not recommended. A summer blanket is made to be breathable and moisture regulating. Summer blankets have a filling of 500 grams. The market offers a large selection of blankets for the summer. A distinction is made between synthetic and natural material. Cashmere and camel hair are natural substances and regulate the moisture optimally. Wild silk from China is a very popular material. A summer blanket that can be cleaned in the washing machine is ideal.

The winter blanket

Winter blankets should be cuddly and keep warm. For a blanket for the winter you can choose between synthetic blankets and down comforters. For the synthetic blankets a fiber filling is used inside and for outside cotton. By now they are far better than their reputation.

Down beds are of course of higher quality. The proportion of down must be at least 60 percent if the duvet is down. There are also winter blankets with climate zones, which are air chambers that dissipate excess heat and thus do not allow any heat to build up. There are winter blankets as duo and all-season blankets. In the duo blankets, two duvets are connected with one another by means of pressure locks. With the all-season blankets you can unbutton a layer and use it wonderfully in summer.

The quilt is characterized by evenly stitched distances. The filling can consist of feathers or synthetic feathers. Artificial feathers are of very high quality these days and can also optimally regulate the moisture. Another advantage is that they can be easily washed in the washing machine. The type of quilt is relevant for the appearance and also for the heat insulation. There is the balloon bed, the check quilt and the cassette quilt. The best known is the cassette quilt, which is quilted in numerous squares of the same size. The higher the thermal insulation, the higher the web height. Duvets with a fleece filling can have a check, a diamond or a circular quilting. This type is particularly popular for fillings with camel hair. The quilted bed is still the most popular type of bed.

What should be considered before buying the duvet?

  • What is the maximum and minimum temperature in the bedroom?
  • Should the blanket be washable?
  • Sweat or freeze, which is true?
  • Where is my maximum amount?


Anyone who has difficulty falling asleep can have a real problem in the long run. Sleeping disorders are not only sleeping, but also falling asleep. People of all ages have difficulty falling asleep.

Most of the reasons are stress or mental tension. In the best case, you can do something against the stress of everyday life, so that it does not last until the evening and leads to sleep disorders.
Sleep-in rituals can also help to control sleep problems. Sleep disorders as well as regular sleep times can help against falling asleep. If you always go to bed at the same time, then the organism can adjust to sleep time.

Sleep rituals are very important and can help with sleep problems.

Even the very little ones are more or less consciously introduced to sleep rituals. Children are always reminded by parents at the same time that they have to go to bed straight away. For many families, preparing for sleep begins with dinner. Most often it is done at the same time. After that, you might talk to the family, watch a movie, or read a book. Every family has its own rituals. This is also a good thing, because it keeps the family together and it also helps to prepare mentally for falling asleep.

Sleep-in rituals can help you fall asleep faster, sleep better and wake up more rested. Anyone who sleeps better is simply better and more resilient and can handle the day more easily.

Sometimes it is enough to drink a cup of valerian tea or warm milk with honey before going to bed to sleep better. Many also read a few pages in their favorite book. In dim light, it will not be too long before your eyes get heavy and your well-deserved sleep arrives. On the other hand, avoid reading thrillers or horror novels, because reading this book will make the brain less able to fall asleep.
Many people with problems falling asleep also go into the bathtub. In a fragrant bubble bath you can relax and unwind. Even a warm shower can work wonders. Wrapped up in a cuddly bath towel, dreams will surely come soon.

Sleep is vital, but since a person's individual need for sleep can be very different. Although it doesn't sound like much, it can take anywhere from four to ten hours in a healthy person. Four hours of sleep can really be enough, it always depends on people. A person's need for sleep is as individual as a person.

How to sleep better

Sleep is very important, we all know that. Also, you should get enough sleep. There are a few simple tips and tricks to help everyone sleep better. So that everybody goes to bed more relaxed and gets up well rested.

Think of some fitting sleep rituals for you. This not only helps to fall asleep but also to sleep better.

Imagine going to sleep and not just getting up. There is still so much to do in the evening that you had to leave over the day because there was simply no time for it. Just set an alarm clock to go to bed.

Do not set a snooze button, many press the snooze button again to stay at least 5 minutes. Sleep, if it is one at all, in these 5 minutes, actually does nothing. It is of poor quality. When you wake up from the deep sleep phase and fall asleep again, you are usually more tired than before.

Better set your alarm earlier and then get up immediately.

End the day consciously! If you like to write the events of the day in a diary, then you should. This can help you fall asleep better and sleep through the night.

Just leave the worries in front of the bedroom door. You could, for example, write down the day, what is still to do when, then you can fall asleep calmer.

You can also try it with a sleep diary. Write down when you go to bed, how long you needed to fall asleep, how often you wake up and when you wake up in the morning. You should also make a note of whether you drank alcohol or coffee in the evening or took sleeping pills. All this can help to change the habits and then sleep better.

Make a list of one to ten and write down why you can not sleep or fall asleep. You should also find out what bothers you most about your sleep behavior. What can you change?

According to a medical exam, the biggest sleep killers are long hours and busy schedules that are too crowded. In the best case, try to reduce the workload. In the long run, too little and bad sleep should be a thing of the past. If all options do not help, then you should see a doctor you trust, who will help.