Prepare risotto correctly | Food cooking

Many people like to try new dishes over and over again to bring variety to their daily eating habits. A very popular dish in many private kitchens and also in restaurants is Risotto. The rice dish is probably so popular just because you can vary it very well and spice it up with all the ingredients.

What is risotto anyway?

Risotto comes from northern Italy and a mushy rice dish. A good risotto is very creamy, but the consistency of the rice is still "al dente".

Risotto with mushrooms
Traditional risotto with mushrooms, fresh herbs and Parmesan

The basic preparation is quite simple: Here, the uncooked rice is simply steamed with onions and a little butter or oil and cooked in the broth until the dish is creamy enough.

Of course, care should also be taken to see which rice is used. Not all types of rice are suitable for this tasty rice preparation. Medium grain rice is often used, as it releases enough starch, which is responsible for the creamy texture.

Rice pudding, on the other hand, is not suitable at all, as it cooks too softly too quickly and in the end is not strong enough for this dish. Risotto can be served either as a main course or as an accompaniment to many meat dishes.

What can be combined in the preparation of risotto?

Risotto can be prepared in many different ways. Basic ingredients for the rice dish are of course also the round grain rice, onions, fat and whoever wants to take a little wine in addition to water. The rest is of course a matter of taste, because you can give almost all the ingredients in the risotto.

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Especially popular is the Parmesan Risotto. For this purpose, the dish is prepared as described above. As soon as the rice is cooked and everything is mushy, add some butter and Parmesan to the rice. You've already conjured a delicious Parmesan risotto.

Even a mushroom risotto is often chosen as the main course or side dish. Here you also prepare everything according to plan and sweat the mushrooms with onions in an extra pan. Then you give everything under the mass. Parmesan and mushrooms can also be combined, which of course depends on your own taste.

Mistakes to avoid when preparing risotto

One of the biggest beginner mistakes in the preparation is that the rice is simply cooked for far too long. This simply makes the mass too soft. However, the rice should still be "al dente" so that it unfolds its full aroma and the taste of the other ingredients.

The risotto rice should also not be washed off beforehand, otherwise it will lose its strength and the whole dish will not work. In addition, you should never stay away from the stove for long, because the rice can burn very quickly and you have to stir in between necessarily.