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When a child is about to be baptized, it is important to find a godfather. This will usually be someone who is particularly close to the parents. But what expectations or even obligations, what roles and tasks are connected to the godparents?

We are to become godparents!

As godparents, you accompany the godchild to baptism
We become godparents!

A godfather accompanied the child to baptism from a religious point of view, assuming responsibility that the child learns the faith itself and learns to live.

Until the year 1983, sponsorship in the church represented a spiritual relationship. The word godfather comes from the Latin and means something like "with father".

In the Catholic and Protestant Church, the conditions for a sponsorship are different.

There are different customs for godparents

This can be the co-design of the fair, the design of the baptismal candle, a children's Bible as a gift or a personal wish or a promise for life, which is recorded in writing. In some areas it is customary for the children to bring their godfather a palm tree on Palm Sunday that is beautifully decorated and blessed in the church. The baptismal day can be a reason for a meeting every year to remember the baptism and the promise.

Today, however, the purely religious accompaniment of the godparents has partially moved into the background

A sponsor is desired to accompany the personal development of the child and to assist the parent in matters of education. Sometimes a sponsorship is limited to gifting on solemn occasions.

Godparents should strive to build a personal relationship with the godchild and be there as their counselor or mediator between the parents. In the past, godparents had the duty of care in the event of their parents' death. However, a sponsorship is not associated with guardianship. If parents wish, this can be determined in the will.

It would be important to lead a clarifying conversation with the desired godfather

What are the expectations, wishes and obligations to the godparents? This saves disappointment on both sides. In the best case, a relationship of trust develops between child and Patethat can last for years. Incidentally, parents can not become godparents themselves, but grandparents. Also the siblings or very good friends are gladly chosen. It is important that you can build on each other in terms of values ​​and education.

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