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A romantic weekend should already be an "extended" weekend. Getting started on Saturdays in the evening and being busy with the upcoming Monday stories again on Sunday afternoon brings more stress than relaxation.

Romantic weekend with wellness

It is wonderful if you can start the romantic weekend on Friday evening. Then, first of all, there is a night of sleep, as long as you want, on the program. Breakfast in bed, maybe with champagne or champagne, is included. So strengthened you can fully enjoy the coming Saturday and enjoy.

Romantic weekend
Romantic weekend - Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay

So that nothing disturbs the romance, it is advisable not to spend the weekend in the domestic four walls. Something you always notice is something you can "just" do. How to get from sticks to sticks and find no real peace.

The journey to the romantic weekend does not have to be far away. In your own or next larger city is certainly a nice hotel. For city dwellers, idyllic rural hotels or cozy guest houses by the sea are a great change from the hectic city.

Even the luxury hotel may be it once. In many of these houses there are special arrangements for couples. You can choose from a variety of wellness packages consisting of baths, massages and other beauty treatments for him and her. These applications can be enjoyed together, either in your room or in the private spas of the hotels.

When it comes to wellness, there are not only soft aromas of flowers or fruits, which the ladies may prefer, but also hearty ones such as bathing in a beer vat, peels with chalk or a salt-honey mixture, which the men like very much.

Romantic weekends in special places

If you have a lot of work to do in hotels, you may not want to stay in a normal hotel in your private free time. How about a romantic weekend in an igloo? Wrapped in warm soft furs, it is wonderfully comfortable there. The igloos are elaborately decorated and illuminated indirectly.

Another idea is the weekend in the hay. Hay hotels are now available in many regions. Such arrangements usually include welcome drinks, court tours, multi-course candlelight dinners and then overnight stays in a large bed in the herbal-scented hay. Breakfast is freshly prepared from local ingredients and served at the desired time.

Uplifting weekends are experienced at the Baumhaushotel. At lofty heights, the tree houses are sturdy and secure and do not lack any comfort.

There are also special hotels with very exclusive facilities. The rooms are furnished according to erotic themes. In-room whirlpools, large playgrounds and a range of toys are available in these hotels, some of which are now also available in Germany. Discretion is a matter of course here, and physical well-being is often taken care of in the room. The houses with the tingling atmosphere do not allow children as guests, so you can really live out your fantasies undisturbed.

Feeling like a king or a queen: that's what many palace hotels do. In the princely apartments you spend fairytale days and nights and are spoiled culinary according to all the rules of the art of cooking.

Romantic weekend in nature

A romantic weekend is wonderfully suited to retreat from all civilization. An apartment or a holiday apartment, a beautiful log cabin on a lake, by the sea or in the mountains invites you to do so. The hosts take care of sufficient food and the complete equipment with bed linen and all other amenities. With these you simply pick up the key to the domicile and have wonderful peace and quiet until you leave. You can spend these days in the house or in bed, or go outdoors.

No phone, no computer or laptop, no television and radio and no cell phone should interfere with the two. Finally there is time to entertain, cook and enjoy together. Walks in nature blow your head free and make room for new thoughts and ideas. You listen to the sounds of nature and feel really lively and comfortable.

The musical weekend

Music is definitely a factor that contributes to romance. For a romantic weekend of music, you can combine a concert visit with a delicious meal and overnight stays in a beautiful hotel.

The event is chosen for the music that both partners can get something from, or something completely new that neither of them knows yet. It can be classic or pop, pop or rock, where you can live out your wild side. Musicals and love stories on a theater stage are also very good for conjuring up a romantic mood. If the event takes place on a Friday, the following Saturday can be wonderfully used for other activities.

Sightseeing flights in a helicopter or in a balloon over the region are unforgettable shared experiences. The extended visit to a thermal bath with sauna world and wellness center is ideal when the weather is not so good. And even a shopping tour can be quite romantic, if you are looking for nice erotic lingerie that you try out in the hotel in the evening.


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